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Abbie Teeter (South Bend)
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February 2

Abbie Teeter (South Bend)

I first met my very good friend Abbie Teeter in San Francisco in the early 1970s, when she drove several of us to a weekend retreat of John the Baptist Charismatic Renewal Community. We shared many memorable experiences in those days. The JBCRC Saturday evening prayer meetings were so crowded that some of the people would usually be sitting on the floor, and after the meeting we’d go to someone’s home for Mass, and then stay up talking till the early morning hours.

Announcing "Tributes" Section

The People of Praise News web site now features a "Tributes" section, which will honor community members who have died. These tribute articles and photos have been a regular feature of Vine & Branches for many years. In the future, the complete tribute articles will appear only in the "Tributes" section of this web site. You can find all the tribute articles via a link in the sidebar on the Branches page, or you can go directly to

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