Our Work


The 2018 Action conference aimed to address, as one participant put it, “universal questions that all teens have been asking themselves”.


This week Rus Lyons launched the third location of The Custom Cottage on the South Side of Indianapolis.  The new business will build hand-crafted hardwood furniture, including beds, tables, dressers and desks. It has a twofold mission: creating custom-designed furniture for customers and providing jobs for hard-to-employ neighbors. It’s motto: building lives by building furniture.


The sixth annual Indiana service trip brought 22 volunteers together, mostly from northern Virginia and South Bend to accomplish a variety of inside and outdoor projects in Indianapolis and Evansville. 


"What really struck me was what a great need there was to go out and talk to people about the Lord."


"I really dislike school. I want you to know that. I hate all this silliness. I mean, think about it for a minute. The bells, the grades, the uniforms, homework. Really?"


If you read the four Gospels and pay attention to the sequence of events during the week of Jesus’ crucifixion, you may spot a puzzle.