Every Christmas Eve in the home of Paul and Jeanne DeCelles, the kitchen counters would be covered with dozens of cinnamon rolls.


Steve and Lydia Gaudet’s (Mobile) shrimp pasta boasts some impressive credentials: “This is a recipe I take to a lot of families with new babies,” Lydia says. “So far, I have a 100% recipe request rate . . . from the dads!”


What it takes is cabbage and elbow grease,” says Tom Voissem (Appleton), talking about his homemade sauerkraut.


“Maybe half the people coming to the farm stand are getting greens,” notes Peter Putzier, who is responsible for the 10,000 square feet of Praise Harvest farmland scattered throughout the block.


Sheila Timler’s (South Bend) simple recipe for granola bars is both nourishing and delicious (but not low-calorie!).


Eileen Pizer’s cakes have graced many tables in the northern Virginia branch.