This kind of personal visiting, going out to our neighbors and checking in, is something many of us can do.


Tina, a public health nurse, taped envelopes to all the doors for easy communication. She got some door tags, which read on one side “I’m ok” and on the other, “I have a need.” Each morning residents hang the tags on their doors.


"Sometimes, when so much else gets stripped away, you can see that it really is love that remains."


“I stood for—I suppose—a few seconds, dumbfounded, and then, finding my tongue, I said to her, ‘I would not cry, if I was wearing the crown of thorns like you are,’


“I prayed out loud, asking the Holy Spirit to be with him, and I traced a cross on his forehead.”


If you are interested in learning to make masks yourself and are looking for some good tips, here are the results of Mary Timler's research on the masks that are working for the missionaries.