Brothers and sisters are sharing photos of glimpses of the Kingdom they are finding in their neighborhoods.


"Kindness makes gloomy men smile and angry men grow meek. Sick men cease to groan. It lights hope in the eyes of the dying, sweetness in the heart of the bitter, turns men away from sin just when they are on the point of committing it."


Read how to record and submit your audio for our first ever community-wide virtual Easter choir.


As the song reveals, God is the one who holds everything and everyone together. The mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters, the little bitty babies, all of them.


Earlier that day, the workers had finished all their orders. No new orders were on his desk. Rus came to the uneasy conclusion that he would have to lay off all the workers.


Eight couples and three singles from the Appleton branch prayed together and encouraged one another for an hour last Sunday afternoon.