December 19

To the Praise of God’s Glory

Nightscape, downtown Minneapolis, 2012.

by Paul DeCelles

Photo: Andy Bowar

Editor's note: This article is republished from the November 1986 issue of New Heaven/New Earth.

My wife Jeanne and I, together with four of our children, lived in Switzerland in 1965-66. Seeing the ancient cities, experiencing older cultures, learning new languages were a few of the benefits. I even managed to overcome my fear of heights enough to climb to the tops of magnificent cathedrals—if my children were dragging me!

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“Surely I know of no better place to walk, to think, to pray.”


As the sky was filled with dancing light from one mountain-rimmed horizon to the other, we shouted out thanks to the Lord and asked him to “do another one.”


Bearing my suffering consciously and willingly became a way to give myself and my love to the Lord.