March 25

Some Good News: Top Podcast Brings Bible to Thousands

by Catherine Bulger

Just after Christmas, Christine Ziegler (South Bend) noticed something surprising in the LaSalle Company’s sales orders. A particular Bible edition stocked in the South Bend warehouse was suddenly flying off the shelves. Customers were even paying extra for fast shipping.

“On December 28 we had 335 Great Adventure Bibles in stock. By January 8 we had sold all of them,” Christine notes.

The reason: a podcast called The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz). Within 48 hours of its launch on January 1, it had shot straight to the top of the podcast charts— past The New York Times’ daily podcast, past the gruesome true crime tales from Dateline NBC, past the pundit Ben Shapiro. The Bible was king.

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