August 27

Summer Scenes

John Ostby (middle) leads some campers in paper airplane fun at the third annual West Side camp held July 9-13 at Prospect Park in St. Paul. With him in green are two of the young men who helped out at the camp: Nathan, one of five Action students who came from Rockford, and Eric, a member of the Servant Branch Action division.

Photos: John Vogel, Toni Cermak, Elizabeth Pease, Lisa Ficker, Liz Slattery Read more.


Up in the chapel, nestled among the foothills of the beautiful Alleghenies, more than 100 Buffalo campers were praying and singing enthusiastically.


A crowd of 80 or 90 folks gathered in a broad green field for a South Side neighborhood festival on a Saturday evening in June.


The rhythmic buzzing of cicadas punctures the quiet of a summer Saturday morning.