“I prayed out loud, asking the Holy Spirit to be with him, and I traced a cross on his forehead.”


If you are interested in learning to make masks yourself and are looking for some good tips, here are the results of Mary Timler's research on the masks that are working for the missionaries.


“Oh brothers, lift up your drooping arms! Oh sisters, get off your knees and dry your eyes! Oh people, rejoice, for his kingdom is at hand!”


"After almost four weeks of no work and no income, one Wednesday Cynthia and I specifically prayed for jobs to work on. The very next day I got two calls for jobs that customers wanted us to start on right away!"


Across the community, sisters are using their creative skills and artistic flair to serve their neighbors and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


This Easter playlist is a collection of songs--including several by brothers and sisters in the community--that progresses through all the drama and emotions of that first Easter—above all, joy!