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Mobile Dodges Bullet from Hurricane Sally
September 18

Mobile Dodges Bullet from Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally blew through Mobile, Alabama, on Wednesday. Though most branch members lost power and many of their properties sustained minor damage, brothers and sisters are praising God that everyone is safe.

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Praise Harvest Summer Tour
Our Work
September 1

Praise Harvest Summer Tour

Watch as head farmer Peter Putzier shows off some of the vegetables and flowers that have come up at Praise Harvest, our urban farm in Evansville, Indiana.

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Pentecost Praise and Worship
Video Music
June 5

Pentecost Praise and Worship

We’d like to share a few more Pentecost songs with you from some of our celebrations. In South Bend, the branch’s music ministry prepared a virtual band and choir rendition as part of a live streamed community meeting. Servant Branch's Jim Rolland and Chuck Fossen performed as part of a Pentecost service sponsored by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

DVD Release: The Roots of the People of Praise

by Sean Connolly

DVD is available now.

We are very excited to announce that our new DVD, "The Roots of the People of Praise," is now available. The price is $13, with free shipping. DVDs can be purchased by credit card through the LaSalle Company's Communication Center web site.

(Watch trailer)

The DVD contains three documentary films and 10 bonus interview clips.

1. The Roots of the People of Praise is a 25-minute documentary film about the founding and early years of the community, 1963-1980. It includes interviews with Paul and Jeanne DeCelles, Kevin and Dorothy Ranaghan, Clem and Julie Walters, Bud and Sharon Rose, Kerry and Barbara Koller, Pat Rath and others, along with rare archival photos, audio recordings and music. The film was produced and directed by Elizabeth Grams, Joe Gleason and Sean Connolly.

Watch Trailer.

2. Alabaré is a 29-minute documentary film by Joe Engeln covering the 1975 International Conference on Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church, held in Rome, Italy. It includes footage of Pope Paul VI in St. Peter's Basilica giving his famous endorsement of the Catholic charismatic renewal. The film is available in digital format for the first time.

3. Jesus Is Lord is a 28-minute documentary film by Joe Engeln covering the sights and sounds of the 1977 Conference on Charismatic Renewal in the Christian Churches, held in Kansas City, Missouri. This unique conference brought together 50,000 Christians from
13 churches and denominations in a profound display of Christian unity. The film is available in digital format for the first time.

Extras Preview

Extras: Ten short clips from interviews with early members of the People of Praise. (Watch preview clip.)

This DVD would make a fine gift for family and friends interested in learning more about the community. Our supply is limited, so please consider purchasing in a timely fashion to ensure that copies are available.


  1. Nancy Grams says:

    Thanks to everyone at the Communications Center for getting this important historical dvd out and available to us in all the branches of the People of Praise. This document helps to preserve our early history for generations.
    May the Lord continue to bless all your future endeavors!

  2. Dale Picarella says:

    How would be able to access the digital format to "Jesus is Lord" and "Alabare"?
    THank you.

  3. Robert Balyeat says:

    Would be interested getting a DVD. I was in the 1975 Rome conference movie. I was at that conference by the grace of God and continue to go forward in loving and serving Jesus Christ!

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