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Praise Harvest Tour Spring 2020
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May 20

Praise Harvest Tour Spring 2020

Peter Putzier (Evansville) gives a tour of the current progress on Praise Harvest, an community garden maintained by the People of Praise in Evansville.

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God Moves in a Mysterious Way
July 10

God Moves in a Mysterious Way

"Ye fearful saints fresh courage take,     The clouds ye so much dread Are big with mercy, and shall break     In blessings on your head."

Pentecost Praise and Worship

We’d like to share a few more Pentecost songs from some of our celebrations this past weekend. 

In South Bend, the branch’s music ministry prepared a virtual band and choir rendition of a few songs as part of a live streamed community meeting. The first song was “The Blessing”, which has been sung by virtual choirs of Christians around the globe since the coronavirus pandemic began. By singing along, you can join your voices with those of many brothers and sisters in Christ pronouncing a blessing on all people. (If you’d like to see the ecumenical and heartfelt UK Blessing again, you can view it here.)

The second song was “Revive This Land” by Jared Gonzalez (Colorado Springs).

The South Bend music ministry participants included Collin Anderson (choir), Anna Balsbaugh (choir for The Blessing), Thomas Brophy (choir for The Blessing), Annie Bulger (choir), Catherine Bulger (choir), Tom Finke (bongos), Elizabeth Grams (lead vocals), Larry Grauvogel (guitar), Emilie Grondin (bass and cello), Jim Grondin (soprano saxophone, drums for Revive This Land), Joe Heintzelman (mandolin), Mark Hoover (choir), Frank Massa (drums for The Blessing), Tom Noe (tamborine forThe Blessing), Suzanne Thomas (choir), Ginny Timler (keyboard) and Mike Zusi (guitar and choir for The Blessing). Jim Grondin arranged the music for the group. Elizabeth Grams and Tom Zusi edited the audio. 


In the Twin Cities, the People of Praise was invited to participate in a Pentecost service sponsored by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. During the service, a small crowd viewed a video of Jim Rolland and Chuck Fossen singing and playing “Send Your Rain” by Kelly Carpenter. The service was broadcast on Facebook and can be viewed here; to get to the video of Jim and Chuck, scroll the playbar to 1:39:30 (about three quarters of the way through the service). 

Lord, pour out your Spirit upon our land!


  1. Mike Rosener says:

    Great blessing and worshiping our Jesus..

  2. George Meyerhofer says:

    What a great and perfect song to be singing in our country during this time of so much unrest. Come Holy Spirit and revive this land!!!!

  3. Joan Hiel says:

    Amen!! Such a delight to join in the worship with you all and claim the Power of the Holy Spirit for our World today. Come Holy Spirit!!

  4. Dominic Jeremiah says:

    What an appropriate song to be sing at this time ! It is so good to join you brothers and sisters in song and worship. Amen.

  5. Gretchen Connolly says:

    All three songs (and performances) are so full of the Spirit. My kids and I find ourselves humming and singing them all day long!

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