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Georgine Redmond
July 2

Georgine Redmond

She was the parish nurse for several years till her own health began to decline, but even then Georgine sought ways to serve those in need. She initiated our branch’s outreach with the Lamb Center—a ministry to the homeless in our area.

Dan Robinson

by Dan Brewer

I met Dan in the late 1970s in San Francisco. He was so serious about living the gospel of Jesus in his daily life that he’d left his job at Boeing in Seattle and moved down to join our charismatic community—only to discover that we were moving soon to South Bend to join the People of Praise.

At our branch meetings here, Dan regularly shared the insights of his prayer and his meditation on Scripture. He served for many years in music ministry. He took every opportunity for prayer and fellowship and never wanted to miss any men’s group meetings or headship meetings. He was forever reading and talking about books he’d read: Scripture, science, theology, nature and the saints. He liked discussing conferences, talks, movies, videos or films—all with an eye to learning more about God and his world.

Dan and Marylen devoted their lives to each other and to their children. For 29 years, before retiring in 2012, Dan worked at Saint Mary's College in information technology. After retiring, he was limited in the service work he could do because of the pain and physical limitations of his lifelong struggle with cerebral palsy, so he sent out email reflections about his faith. He was contemplating a blog, hoping to help a wider audience in their walk with God. He was also helping teach the initiation program at his parish.

Raised in a military family, Dan had moved a dozen or more times growing up. Once he moved here in 1977, the People of Praise became his home.



●  Dan was born June 26, 1946, in Brooklyn, NY, at the U.S. Naval Hospital. He died unexpectedly in South Bend December 1, 2019.

●  After a year in a minor seminary, he completed high school and college  in California.

● Dan made the covenant of the People of Praise April 6, 1980.

●  On June 4, 1988, Dan and covenanted member Marylen Fromherz were married. They raised two children, Irene and Ted. Irene is a member of the Vancouver-Portland branch .


  1. Marlene Gehl says:

    I would describe Dan as being rock solid, salt of the earth. His love for family and the community was obvious and I enjoyed many thoughtful conversations with him. Dan will be sorely missed, but I rejoice knowing he is with our savior and will be among the saints who greet us as we enter the kingdom. Peace be with you, Dan.

  2. John Carey says:

    I have had the privilege of staying with Dan and Marylen when traveling to South Bend for leaders' conferences. And Mary Lou and I have had the privilege of their staying with us when they were in Corvallis. Dan had a generous servant's heart, always looking out for the needs of others ahead of his own. He was a joy to be with and always had good words and wonderful stories to share. His love for the Lord was truly contagious. He has blessed my life along with countless others in so many ways. Praise God for this awesome brother!

  3. Bernadette Fossen says:

    Dan and Marylen stayed with us a few years ago here in Servant Branch. It was memorable. I particularly remember interesting conversation, his humility, gratitude and kindness. God bless his family.

  4. Jim Sgroi says:

    Dan was a friend and brother who was in our men's group for a number of years. He was faithful, loyal and always ready to speak about the Lord anytime. He would offer suggestions for men's group which we often did. Some days we see each other after a week day mass and chat. I miss Dan and his contagious smile, and all the insight he had on scripture and various other topics.
    May the Lord fill us all with His zeal for Christ as he did our brother Dan!

  5. Anne Brewer says:

    Dan loved the trip he and Marylen took to North Carolina last fall. They were visiting his brother who had a full agenda to show them around. I've never seen Dan so excited. He told me all the details about the Vanderbilt mansion - the myriad of rooms and how beautiful it was. His excitement about that mansion was a foretaste of our heavenly mansion. Praise God.

  6. Renee Long says:

    Dan and Marylen and their son, Ted, opened their home and hearts to us when we traveled to South Bend to visit family several times and stayed with us when they came to Servant Branch for two weddings. The end result was a treasured friendship. They were like family coming to visit. How we enjoyed being with them! We thank God for Dan and for his deep love for God and we miss him.

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