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Charlie Fraga Elected Overall Coordinator
September 10

Charlie Fraga Elected Overall Coordinator

Charlie Fraga (Vancouver-Portland) will be the next overall coordinator of the People of Praise. He was elected by the community’s board of governors during an assembly that took place September 9-10.

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This is Praise Harvest
Our Work Video
May 30

This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

Community Life During Coronavirus Outbreak

"When I mow the grass I move several of the picnic tables to mow underneath. Like so many of the houses and objects that make up our life, these tables were discretely signed by the volunteers who made them. It is a beautiful reminder to me of our shared life even when separated." (David Zimmel, Allendale)

Tim and Catherine Logan (Servant Branch) in Arizona.

Birthday parade for Kaitlyn Adams (South Bend).

"Social distancing near Mt. Rainier." (Gerry and Cathy Orthmann)

"Enjoying our beautiful Colorado trails during pandemic." (Carol Ehemann)

"It was Bob and my 60th wedding anniversary. We were supposed to be in FL and had plans for a lovely dinner at a very special restaurant. When we came into the kitchen for breakfast this morning there was a a garland of paper flowers and large paper flower engagement ring right outside the window. The garland was strung across some shrubbery and the ring was attached to a steel stake. Down next to the street was a sign with the words, 'Today is their 60th. HONK!' Oh, we laughed and laughed. After some detective work we came to the conclusion that it was the work of the Neighbors on our left and right. All day long people have honked, stopped to read the sign, taken pictures, even the walkers called out a honk. One neighbor came to the door and requested we both stand together then she proceeded to shower us with a stream of soap bubbles." (Maureen McDonough, South Bend)

"Playing with friends and neighbors while maintaining social distance." (Jeanette Duddy, Allendale)

"Colorado Springs started new women's groups right before the Coronavirus hit. We are enjoying getting to know each other through deep and real conversations over Zoom and look forward to being together again in person!"

Jeri Bartek talks to Elizabeth Coleman and Renee Neshheim through her door. (Larry Bartek, Servant)

"Groceries left on the porch of a Branch member by kind brothers and sisters more able to go out to the store." (Tracy Scriba, northern Virigina)

Homemade palm branches for Palm Sunday (Karen Xenakis, South Bend)

The Indy South Side team celebrates Palm Sunday together from their yards. (Walt Seale)

"My dad taught us to weave palms at a young age, and I can remember older church members giving me a quarter to weave a palm for them. I was sad that it was another tradition we would be going without this year, but then a neighbor shared lots of extra plams from their church with me. I've never had so many palms to weave!" (Cathy Walters, Indianapolis CIM)

Palm Sunday decorations from Liz Adams (South Bend).

"We picked up blessed palms from our church and had our own Palm Sunday procession." (Colleen Bowar, Allendale)

Gehl clan (Buffalo) cleaned out the barn and got 15 laying hens! Note the appropriate farm attire: princess dresses and barn boots.

As a contractor with Instacart, I have the opportunity to provide what people need during this stay at home order. It's turned into a flourishing full time job. (Liz Adam, South Bend)

"Some of the brothers and sisters in the East Area of Servant Branch spent time together in a Happy Hour. It was so delightful to see and visit with brothers and sisters--once everyone got the microphones and cameras working!" (Monica Laust, Servant )

Time to fix stuff. (Margaret Sak, South Bend)

"I went to the Farmer’s Market before opening at 7. All was quiet as the farmers set up. I bought the pansies. Soon a squirrel plopped right in and so I added the wickets."(Marylen Robinson, South Bend)

"The best way that the Campus Women's Household can find to spread quarantine cheer is by making Easter cards for all to share. " (Claire Rubio, Servant)

Taking the time from online learning to learn how to bake a banana bread (Anna-Lisa Rodriguez, Jamaica)

"My daughter Clare is a film studies major and needed to make a 2-5 minute film for a class. Topic, "how to make homemade pizza." Her brothers Ben and John helped with sound and scene board. Best of all, when "it was a wrap" we ate the pizza." (Diane Drefcinski, Servant Branch)

The current finance office in Servant Branch (Kim Doffing)

Cramers and Busks being neighborly using social distancing. (Jennifer Busk, South Bend)

Two successful pot pies from a cooking endeavor by housemate duo Bradford Elliott and Andre Magill. (Bradford Elliott, northern Virginia)

Collin Anderson (South Bend) edits the People of Praise website while talking on the phone and watching the baby.

Tom and Joanne Granahan (northern Virginia) live on one side of town and Bill and Deb Sjoberg on the other, over 15 miles apart. What are the chances that both couples would decide to go to the same McDonalds at the same time? Then in the long drive-through line they would end up right behind each other. Well it happened! After they both got their orders they parked and had a wonderful time of fellowship. Maintaining their social distance of course.

Laughs all around! Reactions to a made up word definition during a game of Balderdash at out community meeting today. (Mary Timler, Evansville)

We still have our sense of humor (zoom in on the game title...(Andy Grams, Servant)

Baby and televised Mass (George Kane, Indianapolis South Side)

Drive by fellowship. Mike Wacker and John Brickweg. (Bob Brickweg, Servant Branch)

Nancy Brandon (Rockford IL branch) enjoying the sunshine in North Carolina.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day (South Bend)

The Allendale sisterhood household celebrates Lord's Day with Joe and Gianna Bulger. (Mary Grams, mission Allendale)

"Video meetings on the floor at the coffee table because the light from the window is on my face instead of behind me, and the green chairs are too far from the power outlet." (Elizabeth Pease, Servant Branch)

"We took a photo of our family playing the game, Pandemic. We bought a can of Corona beer specifically for the purpose of showing that we are doing our best to fight the Corona Pandemic." (Danette King, Servant Branch)

"Working From Home (WFH) for LSU Health Shreveport Graduate Studies in Shreveport, LA. I love wearing slippers to work!" (Lisa LaChance, Shreveport)

"We made our own crayons by melting down old ones. The kids have really been troopers!" (Rebecca Rooney, Indianapolis)

We decided to put on a play together as a family. We adapted one of the girls' beloved stories into a skit, made sets, pulled together costumes and props, memorized the lines together, then performed it over Zoom as after Lord's Day entertainment for our West Side team and then again the next day for friends and family. (Mary Brickweg, Servant Branch)

"I snuck into the back hallway at work tonight before seeing a covid patient to capture this snapshot of my daily life right now. Grateful for all of the prayers and support being sent to us on the front lines!" (Katie Anne Havard, Vancouver-Portland)

"I made a cross out of garden stakes and wrapped it with Christmas lights to offer the light of Christ in our front yard during the pandemic." (Donna Mazanowski, Indy Branch.)

The Willard household had a 'Wine and Canvas' evening complete with oldies music last Saturday after Lord's Day. (Tess Willard, Servant Branch)

“Here is the first full day last Wednesday of Trinity’s Google classrooms.” (Liz Adams, South Bend)

Minnesota Action had a Zoom meeting on Sunday. (Mike Wacker, Servant Branch)

“Our busy life has slowed to a crawl...which we are enjoying.” (Carol Berning, Corvallis)

Kabeles and Justens played games coast to coast, from Portland to Northern Virginia. (Beth Kabele, Vancouver-Portland)

Sunday morning prayer with Lord's Day candle and singing. (South Bend)

"Our women’s group meeting via video conference!" (Corina Friedrich, Peggy Peters, Marlene Gehl and Ruth Broxup, Buffalo)

“Lord's Day 3/21/20 with families from Shreveport and Servant Branch.” (Andy Bowar, Servant)

"I cleared out some storage in the basement next to the laundry room so that our first grader can do school work and remote OT." (Servant Branch)

“Our Sisterhood household is “social distancing” our napkins.” (Chris Ramsey, South Bend)

More time at home is a good opportunity for finally diving into guitar. (Catherine Bulger, South Bend)

"Enjoying the wild life in my back yard. Plenty of food in my back yard!" (Patti Bye, Servant Branch)

Working from home doesn't keep the LaSalle Company from their regular morning prayer together. (Christine Ziegler, South Bend)


“A rainy day was perfect to self-distance & see cherry blossoms too. Drove parents around in the car till the rain ended.” (Maria Elliot, Northern Virginia)

“Visiting family in the era of social distancing, March 15.” (Jodi Engles, South Bend)

Three houses join for distanced Opening of the Lord's day prayers on the Southside of Indy.



  1. Mary Trnka (Servant Branch) says:

    Lots of reading (my sister-in-law gives me thrift store books for Christmas). Enjoying New York Times crossword puzzles (the hard ones). Loving have more time for cooking, and going through cookbooks.

  2. Lynne Krajewski-Miller says:

    Thank you to everyone who is sharing! Love our life together!

  3. Barbara Grodzicki says:

    Precious, beautiful moments in this hard time.... Thank you for a glimpse of your sweet lives!

  4. Miriam Pena says:

    Love seeing photo's of brothers and sisters in different branches...Great idea.

  5. Ruth Sanford says:

    These photos bring a smile to my face. The ideas have inspired me to get up and running on Zoom and Duo. My next task is bringing my women's group with me. We might be older than most, but why not?!

  6. John Carnick says:

    Thank you all for sharing your lives via these wonderful pictures! Great to see everyone living and acting in these very unusual times. Praise the Lord!

  7. Rita Kottkamp says:

    Such a joy to see our common life in not-so-common ways.Carry on, People of Praise. ;D.

    Our women's group had our first video meeting last night. We welcomed a new-to-South Bend sister at that meeting! That was a joy for all of us! It was wonderful to see each other! We hope to do an in-person distance meeting when it is a little warmer outside.

  8. Ray J Gonzalez says:

    Who says you can't live community life in hard times?


  9. Maria Elliott says:

    Seeing tremendous creativity by you all built me up so much. I loved the 'light of Christ' cross in the yard and hope I may do that here too. Also the games and the play and the impromptu visits and the distancing Lord's Days, and the banana bread baking. Thank you for organizing the ability to see so much of our bros & sis when we are staying home. May the Lord be continuously glorified!

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