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A House Fit for an Architect
December 5

A House Fit for an Architect

“A church is basically a house—a home for the body of Christ,” says Bill Argus. “Similarly, a house of committed Christians is something like a church.”

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Hula-Hoops and Fried Chicken
Our Work
October 4

Hula-Hoops and Fried Chicken

Joan Pingel sighed as she walked into the Bossier City, LA, shopping mall on a Saturday in July and saw the extremely long line.

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Video: Victory is Mine
Our Work Video
December 20

Video: Victory is Mine

"The seed grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air sheltered in its branches." (Lk. 13:19)

Music Video: Revive This Land (Jared's Song)

Here's the audio:

Download Song.

“Holy Spirit, come revive this land!”

We want this prayer to spread to Christians and to everyone. The prayer comes from the words to a new song called “Revive This Land” by Jared Gonzalez. We’re excited to announce a new and exciting way to spread the prayer: a “Revive This Land” music video. This video includes footage of people praying and singing in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Indiana, Virginia, Minnesota, Jerusalem, and many more public places. The song is performed using an organ, shakers, drums, electric guitar, cello, bass and beatboxing. A big thank you to everyone who contributed their musical talents!

We hope that you'll be moved by the video and be inspired to share the video with your friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers.

God our Father, let many more people stand with us as we pray and sing, “Holy Spirit, come revive this land!”


  1. chris urbanski says:

    Glory! Heard this at the Action Conference a few months ago and it moved me then.
    Lord God move in the hearts of your people, stir the hearts of those who do not know you, let them know you, fill them with the power of your Holy Spirit in the name of your son Jesus I pray!

  2. Nancy Grams says:

    This is a powerful song and witness of our life together reaching out to the world! Glory to God for movement of his Holy Spirit in our day!

  3. John Carnick says:

    Wonderful! This is really nicely done. I got chills. It will advance the work, and delights our Father.

  4. Ann Thomas says:

    It is amazing when brought to prayer how the Lord works in our lives today
    God bless each and everyone
    thank you Jesus

  5. Marcie Rosencrantz says:

    This was absolutely beautiful. I hope all can see it and join in to praise the Lord.

  6. Linda Scrofani says:

    Wonderful song and prayer! Myself and a few others sang this song at the abortion center we pray at. It uplifted our spirits and I hope it affected those entering and leaving the abortion center as well.

    Thank you!
    Linda Scrofani

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