Our Work


The neighbors I met were unpretentious, warm, welcoming and easy to talk to. There is something very beautiful in them.


Kerry, more than anyone, has held the vision bright. He consistently held up the goal that the formation of the intellect was foremost.


A crowd of 80 or 90 folks gathered in a broad green field for a South Side neighborhood festival on a Saturday evening in June.


The rhythmic buzzing of cicadas punctures the quiet of a summer Saturday morning.


Summer 2018 - After praying for Paul DeCelles to be healed of cancer for more than a year, the women of the Allendale walking group met him in person during a July Action trip. From left: Dorothy Anderson, Gladys Moore, Paul DeCelles, Patti Deakin and Regina Brown.


Over the past few months the People of Praise has received a great deal of attention in the press. Here, we aim to correct the record and provide clarity on a few important points.