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Retirees Move to Louisiana to Serve at Praise Academy
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February 14

Retirees Move to Louisiana to Serve at Praise Academy

“We treat each other like family here,” he said. “It’s like one big community that’s all one big family. And the fact that some of us are actually family has made it a lot easier to explain what it is we’re doing.”


Allendale: Summer Scenes

Photos: Ruth Maines, Jacob Heintzelman

Children take advantage of a blocked-off street at a party on Yale Avenue in Allendale in June.

After praying for Paul to be healed of cancer for more than a year, the women of the Allendale walking group met him in person during a July Action trip. From left: Dorothy Anderson, Gladys Moore, Paul, Patti Deakin and Regina Brown.

Allendale neighbors Tan’iya and Mariann (right) smile while Mariann shows off a paper crown she made at camp.

Grazier and Andrew, an Action volunteer from Servant Branch, slap hands as John, a volunteer from northern Virginia’s Action division, looks on.


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