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August 27


A crowd of 80 or 90 folks gathered in a broad green field for a South Side neighborhood festival on a Saturday evening in June.


Allendale: Summer Scenes

Photos: Ruth Maines, Jacob Heintzelman

Children take advantage of a blocked-off street at a party on Yale Avenue in Allendale in June.

After praying for Paul to be healed of cancer for more than a year, the women of the Allendale walking group met him in person during a July Action trip. From left: Dorothy Anderson, Gladys Moore, Paul, Patti Deakin and Regina Brown.

Allendale neighbors Tan’iya and Mariann (right) smile while Mariann shows off a paper crown she made at camp.

Grazier and Andrew, an Action volunteer from Servant Branch, slap hands as John, a volunteer from northern Virginia’s Action division, looks on.


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