John retired from his warehouse job and became involved in People of Praise service, especially hosting summer Action youth.


Anastasia loved (in no particular order) a hearty laugh, being Irish, her family, telling stories, Native American customs, the history and determination of African Americans, singing, the Lord and her brothers and sisters in the People of Praise.


Charlie met Evan at the house the very next day and spent more than four hours clearing all the drains. “Snaking the drains was a dirty, messy job,” says David. 


As a Pentecost send-off, we think you’ll enjoy this 2008 recording of "Let Us Build Your Kingdom" written and played by Andy Grams and sung by Jim Rolland.


This kind of personal visiting, going out to our neighbors and checking in, is something many of us can do.


Tina, a public health nurse, taped envelopes to all the doors for easy communication. She got some door tags, which read on one side “I’m ok” and on the other, “I have a need.” Each morning residents hang the tags on their doors.