Vatican II Ebook Highlights Unity

In his short ebook, The Second Vatican Council: Ecumenical and Apolitical, author Paul DeCelles explores two less-noticed aspects of the Council. The Council was ecumenical in the broadest sense of the term. Protestant and Orthodox observers were given places of honor in the Council sessions and treated as brothers united by a common baptism. New ecumenical connections and friendships formed at the Council helped open the way for major steps toward Christian unity in the second half of the 20th century.

This same spirit of unity was also apparent in the Council Fathers' approach to decision-making. Rather than forming political factions and rivalries that jostled for position, the Council Fathers worked together respectfully, striving for unity of mind and heart. This led to some surprising results: virtual unanimity in many major decisions.

The Second Vatican Council: Ecumenical and Apolitical is available for $2.99 on Amazon.


  1. James alvim netto says:

    I’m Catholic and I love all Christians, I’m a fruit of a new Pentecostes we received at the Duquesne’s week end, The Ark and The Dove for Christian unity.., Praise The Lord Jesus Christ..
    James from São Paulo, Brazil.

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