"I saw 27 years of doubt, anger and fear be immediately removed and replaced by hope and the need to be together,”


This week Rus Lyons launched the third location of The Custom Cottage on the South Side of Indianapolis.  The new business will build hand-crafted hardwood furniture, including beds, tables, dressers and desks. It has a twofold mission: creating custom-designed furniture for customers and providing jobs for hard-to-employ neighbors. It’s motto: building lives by building furniture.


Mr. Jon Balsbaugh (Servant Branch), the head of school at Trinity River Ridge and a 20-year veteran member of the faculty, will be the next president of Trinity Schools, Inc.


After 36 years of service and visionary leadership, Dr. Kerry Koller has decided to step down from his position as president of Trinity Schools, Inc. His resignation will take effect in the summer of 2017. The Trinity Schools board of trustees has already begun the difficult task of choosing his replacement.


This is a moment when change from below is already stirring in America, but perhaps its biggest instigator won’t be running for the presidency.