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The Biggest Virtual Lord's Day Ever?
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April 24

The Biggest Virtual Lord's Day Ever?

Last Saturday, about 85 people in nine different locations and five different time zones, from Hawaii to northern Virginia, came together on a Zoom video call to open the Lord's Day and spend time together.

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May 20

Praise Harvest Tour Spring 2020

Peter Putzier (Evansville) gives a tour of the current progress on Praise Harvest, an community garden maintained by the People of Praise in Evansville.

Video: Alleluia He is Coming Virtual Choir

This is a good year to remember that Easter was never something that depended on anything we did. Easter came about solely because of God's initiative. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."

This year, when we cannot celebrate in the ways we are used to, let's beg God to once again work his Easter miracles, to take the initiative and come in power and glory into our neighborhoods, cities and countries. Come Holy Spirit!

We hope you enjoy this virtual choir rendition of "Alleluia, He is Coming." A big thanks to everyone who sang and played, to Elizabeth Grams who produced the video, and to Martha Butler, who wrote her song in 1979 and gave her permission for us to use it again for this project.


  1. Bonnie Seidle says:

    [email protected]

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder. I am so uplifted by hearing your voices and seeing your smiling faces.
    Looking forward to praising the Lord all together soon.

    In Him,

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