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Marriage In Christ Launches At Home Seminar
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February 16

Marriage In Christ Launches At Home Seminar

The Marriage in Christ seminar is now available online, for anyone to access and participate in. Married couples can complete it together at home on their own schedules.

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Watch: How God Changed my Neighborhood
Allendale Evansville Indy Our Work Video
October 28

Watch: How God Changed my Neighborhood

Women in Evansville, IN, Shreveport, LA and Indianapolis, IN describe the impact of People of Praise missionaries moving into their neighborhoods.

A House Moves in Indianapolis

July 14, 2010, Indianapolis—The Indianapolis Triangle house formerly located at 1435 Montcalm Street was moved to its new location at 1450 Rembrandt Street.

A campus division women's household lived in the house since last fall. They moved in after two years of major renovations performed largely by visiting Action teams. In late 2009, a commercial developer offered to buy the property as part of an initiative to build student housing near the IUPUI campus. After negotiations with the People of Praise, the developer agreed to cover the cost of relocating the house about a block away, across the street from Walt and Pam Seale's home. The women's household is planning to move back into their home—with a new address and a new basement—before the school year begins.

Click play on the video below to watch it happen.


  1. Linda Coney says:

    Wonderful job with the move and very cool video! And I love Trish's cake too!
    Linda Coney

  2. Walt says:

    Oh yeah and it was our anniversary! What a great present from the Lord! Thank you Mike Coney, you made it happen.

  3. Elizabeth Adams says:

    "Our house in the middle of the street"...

    Very cool indeed!

  4. Jim says:

    We used to sing this song "in the old days" -
    "The move is on, my Lord, the move is on."

    Little did we know...
    Glory to God!

  5. Anne Brewer says:

    Great video! It was good to hear how the move brought the neighbors together.

  6. CJ Newburn says:

    Great video production! Kudos for that.

    This brings a whole new meaning to being a community on the move.

  7. John Broxup says:

    None of us two years ago on the first trip could ever have thought this possible. We've heard about faith moving mountains, now it moves houses.

  8. Linda Lee Finke says:

    Good for you guys! When I first read the headline, I naturally thought that you meant that you changed houses. Whoa! I can't believe you got the company to move the house for you.

    And I am sure that it is a blessing, because it had to make the POP presence more noticeable!

    God can sure work in strange ways.

    May God Bless you in your endeavors.

  9. Susan Busk says:

    God bless you all, sue

  10. Marge Connolly says:

    I'm so glad all that hard work on the house was not lost. Way to go, Action! This was a very moving video to watch!

  11. Dorothy Berghoff says:

    Thank you for sharing about the move. The joy on your faces is evidence of the Lord's presence within you. Dorothy Berghoff

  12. Dan Brewer says:

    Wow! What a move! Now you have a house built on a firm foundation.

  13. Margaret Sak says:

    Thanks for sharing this and way to go!! I am glad all the hard work Action did was not lost. I am all for preservation anyway, as much as possible. Love the cake Trish! God bless you all! love, m

  14. Virginia Kadera says:

    Wow! Cool!!
    Praise God. What a wonderful witness to everyone. Congratulations on this success.
    Gina Kadera
    Servant Branch

  15. Barb Potts says:

    I am always so impressed with the way the Lord works! I appreciate hearing all that is happening in Indianapolis and know that even in Corvallis, OR we are with you in spirit and can pray more effectively for you as we hear how the Father is "moving" you.

  16. MIke Zusi says:

    Thank you for the video. You guys are incredble. Great work, wonderful creativity, you bring such glory to God - He is clearly seen in your work, your endurance, your patience, your joy, your faces and your pictures and news updates. GLORY!

  17. Dennis Burke says:

    Great job. Come home John! Come home Budge! Come home Greg! Go Indy!

  18. Mary Duddy says:

    Everyone looks happy. It makes me happy too. Good job!

  19. Beth Pingel says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing video.

  20. chris urbanski says:

    Glory to God! What a difference a year makes.
    God bless your efforts at outreach and may He continue to bless and expand your efforts.
    Job well done to Michael Coney and Kathy Gleason and to all the folks involved in the move.
    Chris Urbanski

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