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Hula-Hoops and Fried Chicken
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October 4

Hula-Hoops and Fried Chicken

Joan Pingel sighed as she walked into the Bossier City, LA, shopping mall on a Saturday in July and saw the extremely long line.

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Video: Victory is Mine
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December 20

Video: Victory is Mine

"The seed grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air sheltered in its branches." (Lk. 13:19)

Bill and Kate Adams on Trinity: The Only Game in Town

“Its focus is on Christ. Our children know coming here what the message and purpose of the school is.”
Bill and Kate Adams are Roman Catholics who chose Trinity, an ecumenical school, for their children. He is a technology representative with a sports medicine company. She home-schools all their 12 children until they attend Trinity in seventh grade. Three of the Adamses are currently at Greenlawn: Brady (11th grade), Maddy (10th grade), and John (9th grade).


  1. Suzanne Thomas says:

    Very well done! Excellent interview and testimony!

  2. Anne Brewer says:

    Again, thank you teachers for laying down your lives!

  3. Bob Pintozzi says:

    Only today my wife informed me that Gwen Adams is a Trinity grad. My response was "She's a wonderful teacher". And to Mom and Dad I say "Good choice/good job". My credentials are a half-century of teaching, 21 years with Trinity and still loving it.

  4. tom caneff says:

    We are soon to see our fifth of five graduate from Trinity at River Ridge. We could not be more grateful and blessed. Glory be to God and THANKS to those who began Trinity and to those who continue to live its vision.

    tom and nancy caneff

  5. Pat Rath says:

    Trinity is such hard work for teachers, students, parents and supporters, that it is always great to see what our efforts have produced. Thanks Bill and Kate, for all you have done and for reminding us of the mission.

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