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Hula-Hoops and Fried Chicken
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October 4

Hula-Hoops and Fried Chicken

Joan Pingel sighed as she walked into the Bossier City, LA, shopping mall on a Saturday in July and saw the extremely long line.

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Video: Victory is Mine
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December 20

Video: Victory is Mine

"The seed grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air sheltered in its branches." (Lk. 13:19)

Trinity Greenlawn Alumni Sing in New Video

Trinity School at Greenlawn unveiled their newest video at a celebration held at the school on Saturday night. The one-minute video highlights Trinity alumni and their impact on the wider world. Alumni from throughout the years appear doing what they love--fighting fires, performing ballet, teaching, even skydiving, all while singing along to a catchy tune.

The video was part of a larger celebration of Trinity's fourth blue ribbon award from the US Department of Education. Speakers paid tribute to Greenlawn teacher Barbara Koller (South Bend), who will retire from teaching this spring after 28 years. Her career included stints teaching at all three campuses of Trinity Schools. Kerry and Barbara's five children, all Greenlawn alums, attended the celebration. Their daughter, Katherine Brophy (Colorado Springs), honored Barbara on behalf of her siblings. Close to 175 people attended the event, according to Mary Claire Caneff (South Bend).

The following is a list of alumni who appear in the video (in the order of their appearance).

Rich '03, United States military
Carl Sergio '99, architect
Liz Loughran '06, biochemist
Anne (Ranaghan) Linczer '85, Trinity parent
Reid Schmidt '14, student
Jason Thomas '90, educator, musician
Becca (Feeks) Brophy '05, analyst, U.S. EPA
Pat Kottkamp '94, firefighter
Stephen Sanford '99, ballet dancer
Genevieve Kane '17, student
Melissa Rader '04, biologist
Matt Bartek '94, Trinity (Greenlawn) dean of boys
Dominic Go '06, technical consultant
Paul Zakas '06, I.T. business analyst
James McShane '06, Trinity (River Ridge) teacher
John Cecil '06, CPA
Joe Miller '96, ER physician
Mary Jo (Meeks) Kannon '85, actuary
Calla Couch '10, student, swing dance instructor
Carl Jones '14, student
Jen Torma '98, missionary, physical therapist
J-T Kelly '91 with Trish Brewer '02 and friends, missionaries
David Freddoso '95, political journalist
Seth Taylor '08, United States Army, 82nd Airborne Division

The video was produced by Greenlawn Films: Joe Gleason RR '05, Elizabeth Grams RR '01 and Sean Connolly GL '96.


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