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This is Praise Harvest
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May 30

This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

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This is Praise Harvest
Our Work Video
May 30

This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

Missionary Work Expands to Evansville

By Sean Connolly

Fourteen People of Praise missionaries moved from Indianapolis to Evansville, Indiana, on February 17. The move launched what we expect will be our third new start, following Shreveport (2002) and Indianapolis (2007). Evansville, a city of 120,000 in the southwest corner of Indiana, is the first mission location that is not already home to a People of Praise branch.

Mission program coordinator Nick Holovaty heads the Evansville team. In Indianapolis, David Zimmel leads a team of 10 missionaries continuing our work on the South Side.

“Our team is large enough and strong enough to split and work in two locations,” Nick says. “We’ve been training new missionaries in Indianapolis for more than a year. Also, Indianapolis branch members are now very involved in our South Side men’s and women’s groups.”

Since February 17, Evansville missionaries have been knocking on doors around the city, delivering words from the Lord, praying with people and looking for those the Lord is calling to Christian community.

    • A woman told the missionaries that she could only see white light out of one of her eyes. The missionaries prayed once and then she could see shadows. Remembering that Jesus prayed twice for a blind man (Mk. 8:25), they prayed again. Then she said she could see the missionaries clearly with her bad eye.

  • A young man accepted the missionaries’ suggestion that they pause in their conversation so he could pray privately for five minutes. During prayer, he heard Jesus tell him that he should give his life over to God. He got down on his knees and did it.

  • A woman who couldn’t bend her knees because of pain knelt down on the ground in prayer after the missionaries prayed with her. Her pain was still gone a week later.

“Missionary work is physically and mentally taxing, and there are definitely moments of joy,” Nick says. “Some of that joy comes when people dedicate their lives to the Lord, and some of it comes when people laugh at us like they laughed at Jesus at Jairus’s house.” (Mk. 5:40).

The missionaries rely on God to supply some of their basic needs. They eat and live simply. Working odd jobs one day a week is sufficient to cover the rest of their living expenses.

The team lives in two adjacent rented houses half a mile from the University of Evansville. The manager of the houses gave them their first local job. After seeing how well they had cleaned the houses, he offered them work cleaning and renovating his other properties.

“Before moving to Evansville, we made preliminary trips to a number of cities, including Memphis, Louisville and Evansville,” Nick says. “Lots of people in and around Evansville were willing to listen to us and they asked us to come back. We’re glad we did.”

Evansville Missionaries:

John Bowar
Annie Bulger
Joe Bulger
Abby Earhart
Catherine Ficker
Ryan Hardin
Nick Holovaty
Liz Loughran
Rus Lyons
Claire Mysliwiec
Ellen Reed
Peter Putzier
Mary Timler
Chris Vieck

Remaining on the South Side:

David Zimmel
Michael Coney, Jr.
Nick Raway
Charles Chow
Naomi Caneff
Cathy Feehly
Melissa Rader
Angie Hass
Ray and Robin Gonzalez



  1. Mike McFarland says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Absolutely!

  2. Julie Hrbacek says:

    Dear Missionaries---I am delighted to hear of the work you are doing. I do have a friend who is a cloistered nun in Whitesville,KY about an hour outside of Evansville. If you are looking for a place to have a retreat.

    Sister John Mary of the Indwelling Trinity is my friend who is in charge of vocations for her convent. We served on a ministry team together--NET Ministries--many moons ago. Not sure how this contact might help you but had a feeling I should pass it along. God's peace & blessings---Julie (Walker) Hrbacek

  3. chris urbanski says:

    Dear Missionaries,
    Thank you for what you do, the gospel has another chance to be proclaimed. Glory to God! Your life together is an example to me of joy in the Lord, and dedication to His calling.
    God bless.
    Chris Urbanski

  4. Jim Schenkel says:

    You are inspirations to the rest of us - keep spreading the Good News.

    You better believe I'll be coming through Evansville occasionally. Most frequently I have avoided that route as being 'out-of-the-way'. Not anymore.

  5. Charlene olson says:

    god bless you guys Where do i send the coffee for you guys to? Send me a name and address to my email and it will be on its way.

  6. CJ Newburn says:

    At our community meeting in Rockford today, we explained about the new web site, took steps to help people who are not getting the mails registered, told the story about the school girl's stain, and showed the video about the janitor's eye.

    Praise God for this resourceful way to build and strengthen the bonds of love with our brothers and sisters in place different from us, doing works that may be different than our own, and perhaps in different generations. These stories and videos and other postings really help to bring to life the fact that we all are one Body, united in our Lord.

  7. Donald Smith says:

    Praise the Lord everyone. I first met Bro. Peter Putzier and 2 other sisters a few days ago as they were knocking on doors in my neighborhood. We had a long talk on my porch about the Lord and my path and responsibilities as a follower of Christ, and how important it is to do Gods will. They sang a few songs and prayed with me a few times before they left. I am thankful that POP has came to Evansville and Pray Gods blessing upon each of them as they continue to be a blessing to others in this city. God Bless

  8. Trenna says:

    Just recently two of your missionaries named Peter and Mary came to my home. It was in the middle of a busy day called PROM nite. It was a very rushed day and busy time but when I opened the door and began to listen to what they were doing I was very blessed. I had to take the time even though I didnt really have it to talk to them and ask questions. ( honestly i wish there had been more time) I was so blessed by there story and the fact they were out praying about what house for God to lead them to. They were young christians out doing God's work. We talked for a while and I expressed to them that my teenage daughter had a love for Gospel Music in a society where its no so accepted. They took the time to pray with me, my daughter and her friends and ask a blessing over "prom nite". I was just overwhelmed with the love of Jesus. I hope I run into them again and hear more about there ministry. In his name!!!

  9. Kimberly Hinton says:

    I do so enjoy the testimonies, fellowship and worship with my POP brothers/sisters! They are are a great "shot in the arm" and encouragement spiritually for me and my Mom. God bless and you all as work for HIM!

  10. LaDonna Edrington says:

    Just have to say I feel blessed every time your missionaries stop by my house. I have shared with them the story of my 2 cousins who are suffering from cancer. After praying with them one cousin's lung cancer surgery removed all the cancer. My other cousin has stage 4 stomach cancer and had 5 brain tumors. After his radiation treatments his tumors are completely gone due to God's healing hands. Today we again prayed for his cancer to be cast out and i have every faith that God will heal him. Praise God for the good works your missionaries do.

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