South Bend Branch Olympics

During community celebration week in mid-September, the South Bend branch hosted a day of field games called the Branch Olympics, along with a pie baking contest. This year, Jennifer Busk took the overall prize in the pie baking contest, while Patrick Pingel's area won the branch olympics.


  1. Beth Pingel says:

    What a FUN video. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  2. Mike Hass says:

    Great Video! What a JOY it is to see so many familar faces.
    Makes you wish you were there. Happy 39th!

  3. Angela Pingel says:

    So fun to see so many friends and family! It still bums me out that they didn't start doing this until after we left. I know that my husband could win that pie baking contest! ;)

  4. Susan Busk says:

    Thanks for letting us see "us" in action! We had such a great time. John Z really planned a wonderful day for us. I think for our 40th year Celebration the rest of you (the other Branches of the POP) ought to join us for the weekend! Now that would be a GREAT FUN TIME!

  5. Nancy Bergman says:

    Wow! Those Olympians all look like they were having a fun, joyful day! Thanks for sharing the video.

  6. Megan Sgroi says:

    Great idea, Sue Busk! That would be REALLY fun...

  7. Malia Busekrus says:

    Awesome video. We smiled and laughed the whole time. Wish I could've been a judge for the pie eating contest :).

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