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Charlie Fraga Elected Overall Coordinator
September 10

Charlie Fraga Elected Overall Coordinator

Charlie Fraga (Vancouver-Portland) will be the next overall coordinator of the People of Praise. He was elected by the community’s board of governors during an assembly that took place September 9-10.

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This is Praise Harvest
Our Work Video
May 30

This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

South Bend Branch Olympics

During community celebration week in mid-September, the South Bend branch hosted a day of field games called the Branch Olympics, along with a pie baking contest. This year, Jennifer Busk took the overall prize in the pie baking contest, while Patrick Pingel's area won the branch olympics.


  1. Beth Pingel says:

    What a FUN video. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  2. Mike Hass says:

    Great Video! What a JOY it is to see so many familar faces.
    Makes you wish you were there. Happy 39th!

  3. Angela Pingel says:

    So fun to see so many friends and family! It still bums me out that they didn't start doing this until after we left. I know that my husband could win that pie baking contest! ;)

  4. Susan Busk says:

    Thanks for letting us see "us" in action! We had such a great time. John Z really planned a wonderful day for us. I think for our 40th year Celebration the rest of you (the other Branches of the POP) ought to join us for the weekend! Now that would be a GREAT FUN TIME!

  5. Nancy Bergman says:

    Wow! Those Olympians all look like they were having a fun, joyful day! Thanks for sharing the video.

  6. Megan Sgroi says:

    Great idea, Sue Busk! That would be REALLY fun...

  7. Malia Busekrus says:

    Awesome video. We smiled and laughed the whole time. Wish I could've been a judge for the pie eating contest :).

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