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Sorrow and Salvation: A Playlist for Lent
March 19

Sorrow and Salvation: A Playlist for Lent

Music and remembering are intimately tied together. Just as snatch of a song overheard at a grocery store can take you back to childhood, we hope this new Lenten playlist will stir up your memories of the one who gave his lifeblood for us all.

People of Praise Easter Songs

Do you still miss singing our Easter songs together? If so, check out our latest YouTube playlist… and sing along, if you like. 

The playlist includes recordings of five of our traditional Easter songs: Keith Green’s wildly joyful rendition of “Easter Song,” the original J-T Kelly recording of his “Love So Strong" (on the album Songs From the Kingdom), a recording of Joe Heintzelman’s “Resurrection Song” from a 2010 mission conference, an English congregation belting out the old hymn “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” and our virtual choir performance of “Alleluia, He is Coming.”

You can pray them, sing and shout along with them, or grab your whole household to sing together. Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!

You can listen to these songs on our YouTube playlist or by scrolling down.





  1. Chris Meehan says:

    I'd never heard the Keith Green version of The Easter Song before. It's wonderful!

  2. Gailyn Ryan says:

    I couldn't figure out how anyone could make a play list of Easter songs without including Annie Herring's "Easter Song" that she sang with 2nd Chapter of Acts. I was happy to click on Keith Green's song and find that see that he has made a cover of the same song. Happy Easter!

  3. John Mitchell says:

    One of my favorite Easter songs - Easter Song (#21 - Green Book) is such a blessing in this recording by Keith Green. THANK YOU!

    Of course, what Easter in POP would be complete without The Resurrection Song (#91 - Green Book). This favorite by Joe Heintzelman has a history in NoVA branch. How many of you remember the cafeteria roof leaving the foundation at St. Philip on Easter with this song?!

    He is Risen! Thank you for putting this together.

  4. Barb Grodzicki says:

    Loved it! Great to see so many friends looking so happy! God bless you all!
    Thanks for putting this together....this great music is timeless!

  5. Pat Ficker says:

    Every Easter Sunday morning, I can not wait to blast Keith Green's Easter Proclamation. I probably play it 3-5 times and sing it at the top of my lungs.
    I know the Resurrection season has begun!
    It is great you send us wonderful Resurrection songs Elizabeth.
    Keep proclaiming the Risen Lord brothers and sisters!

    Your Friend In Christ,
    Pat Ficker

  6. Bob Linczer says:

    These wonderful selections of Easter praise songs have gone a long way to ease the absence of church gatherings, community meetings, men’s meetings and frequent fellowship during this holy season. Mahalo nui loa from all of us here way out on the Pacific. Happy Easter to you all.

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