Signs of the Kingdom

For the past few weeks, we've been watching our amaryllis getting ready to bloom and hoping it would bloom for Easter. It just opened up this morning, right on time! (Jeanette Duddy, Allendale)

"Lucy Victoria joined our family this week."

"Our most recent sign of the Kingdom of God is the birth of our son, Matthew James, in the midst of pandemic."

Magnolias from Trish Olson

Amee Pable (Appleton) decorated her front door.

Sunrise over Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans. (Brian Weber)

Therese and I are in Cape Hatteras North Carolina. We came here on St. Patrick’s Day for a few day’s visit. Due to the coronavirus we will be here for longer than anticipated. Last week while walking through the neighborhood I noticed neighbors attaching these hope filled, encouraging Christ centered words on their fence. (Tom McNichol, northern Virginia)

Seedlings waiting to be planted in our garden. (Julie Conroy, northern Virginia)

We are blessed to have Michael's mom, Vi, staying with us. She lives in a senior center but, due of a bout of pneumonia, came to stay with us in late January. So she's here with us during the lockdown instead of being grounded alone at her apartment! We've been working on completing a 500 piece puzzle, but the last piece was missing. We looked everywhere for it, and after asking the Lord, finally found it hiding under the tinder box! (Ruth Schmelzer, Appleton)

First daffodils! (Chris Ramsey, South Bend)

Lori Twining, a teacher at Praise Academy, sent a cup, dirt, and seeds home with her students for some extended learning. This family was inspired and decided to acquire more seeds and plant more types of flowers. (Evan Lent, Allendale)

"Walking at our local nature center, my four kids and I came upon a little marshy pond. After 4-5 minutes of sitting in complete silence (quite a feat!) dozens of chirping sounds rang in our ears. Innumerable tiny frogs poked out of the reeds. We could even see their throats billowing in and out. I was so grateful to the Lord for the gift of these tiny creatures. (Mary Brickweg, Servant)

Flowering cactus! (Mike Zusi, South Bend)

I am in charge of the sign by my parish in Platteville, Wisconsin. I usually have a lot of things to advertise for our parish but not lately. So I am using the extra space to put up short evangelistic messages. (Diane Drefcinski, Servant)

The beauty of God seen from my yard in the past week (Donna Mazanowski, Indianapolis)

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