"Let's Pray in Tongues"

Genevieve Barrett (Mission, Allendale) and her four children stood on a narrow patch of grass inside Shreveport’s Norton Gardens. They’d stepped onto the grass after walking down a path and seeing people coming towards them from both directions. 

With the spread of coronavirus, Genevieve was trying to maintain a six foot distance between her family members and any strangers. At the moment, she didn’t see where they could go--the nature area, usually quiet and peaceful, was swarming with people. Schools had closed down, and besides that, the azaleas were in full bloom, attracting onlookers.

Azaleas blooming at the Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport. Photo by Brigette Mysliwiec.

“Let’s pray in tongues,” she told her kids. They paused for a few moments to pray, then Genevieve looked up. In the distance, darting from one clump of azaleas to another, she saw an orange fox. She pointed at it, and her children took off running, with Genevieve running, too. Soon they were away from the crowds.

“I realized that we had just prayed for the Holy Spirit to bless us,” Genevieve said, “and God had showed us a fox. I experienced the Lord being with us, wanting to bring us delight and joy in nature.” 

The Barretts have gone to the gardens several times a week for years, but they had only seen a fox once before.




  1. Jim Reinhardt says:

    Great story Genevieve! Now to kill some time, our family activity will be to play "find the fox" in your picture (kind of like Where's Waldo?)!

  2. Gwen says:

    Love this story! Thanks Genevieve!!

  3. Mary L Louise Duddy says:

    Sweet story and pretty picture

  4. Marylen Robinson says:

    So beautiful!. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jim Schenkel says:

    So glad you all have been thriving there without the Schenkels...

    But we have had to lay low for almost 2 weeks now and it keeps getting longer with each Governor's press cofference.

    Wishing your family smiles snd laughter and Godly peace through this desert.

    I pray regularly to be able to come down again ...

    Miss y'all.

    Jim [ and Rozann ] S.

  6. Bob Cunningham says:

    Beautiful children’s story Genevieve! So much like the Lord to present that to you and your children in response to your prayers. He knows even when a sparrow falls....
    Blessings from Servant Branch

  7. Barb Niklason says:

    Such a wonderful story and a treasure we have to call upon the Holy Spirit!
    Thank you for the joy of children, picture, and reminder of how quickly the Lord comes and the smile he can bring to our day!
    Blessings and prayers,
    from Virginia

  8. Susan Coulter says:

    Thank you for sharing about the blessing that God gave you and your children.
    Praying in tongues is very powerful. Praise be to God for His faithfulness to us.

    Thank you also for sending the beautiful picture.

  9. Kathy Coleman says:

    Beautiful story!
    This could be written Into a children's book with illustrations.

  10. Bob Cunningham says:

    I forgot to mention how beautiful your photograph was in my comment above. That beautiful image drew me to your story.

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