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May 30

This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

Program Coordinator Appointed for Communications

From the office of the overall coordinator:

Craig Lent has appointed Sean Connolly as the program coordinator for the community’s Communications office. His responsibilities include People of Praise-related communications within and outside the community: publishing Vine & Branches magazine, developing and distributing videos and managing Internet-based communications.

“Sean began working for the community in 2002,” Craig says. “He moved to Allendale with the first group of community members and took on the job of acting head of our publications work upon his return to South Bend in 2005. He led the transition of Vine & Branches to a full-color magazine emphasizing news, photography and commentary. Together with Elizabeth Grams he began the community’s video department, and this year he and his team launched news web sites for the People of Praise and for Trinity Schools.

Sean Connolly

“He brings to the job of program coordinator the intelligence, energy and idealism that are characteristic of everything that he does.

“In addition to his communications work, Sean participated in the start-up phase of one:ten communications (a technology-focused division of the LaSalle Company), and he continues to serve on the community’s growth team.”

Program coordinators head the community’s program offices—their staff, projects and local divisions. The Principles of Structure and Government provides for five program offices: Action, currently led by Mike Zusi; Education, including the Center for Christian Studies, currently led by Paul DeCelles; Mission, currently led by Nick Holovaty; Communications (formerly known as Publications); and Christian Life Movements, which currently has no assigned program coordinator. Program coordinators are appointed by the overall coordinator and report to Paul DeCelles, the chair of the program coordinators’ council.

Sean says he’s eager to continue expanding the community’s print, web and video communications. “I’m excited about how e-mail and the Internet are helping us to spread news and information rapidly across our 21 branches. And like many, I enjoy flipping through a magazine with thoughtful articles and compelling photos, so I’m looking forward to producing many more issues of Vine & Branches.  I love this work and I am blessed with dedicated and creative co-workers.”

Mission program coordinator Nick Holovaty has worked alongside Sean for more than a decade. “Sean has a gift for identifying what the Lord is up to and explaining it well, in complex and even messy situations. He sees what’s most important and articulates it compellingly and enthusiastically.”

Sean, his wife Gretchen and their daughter Gloria live in South Bend. In 2007, Gretchen became the director of photography and layout for Vine & Branches. Both are graduates of Trinity Schools. Gretchen graduated from the University of St. Thomas and Sean is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.


  1. MIke Zusi says:

    Craig says of Sean "He brings to the job of program coordinator the intelligence, energy and idealism that are characteristic of everything that he does." I completely agree! This is a great development in our life and Sean is absolutely the man for the task! GLORY!

  2. Kim Doffing says:

    Thanks and Praise to our God as he leads us! May his mighty deeds be proclaimed in spoken and typed word to the ends of the earth. Bless you Sean and team, as you start the wheels turning in new and old processes. Press On!

  3. Peter Hammer says:

    Glory to God and thank you Sean for all that you do to bless and increase our life in community.

  4. Mary Lou Carey says:

    Congratulations, Sean! God continues to do great things. It is also exciting to hear about Gloria.Thanks for V&B and for the email updates.We love them!

  5. Kevin Rodriguez says:

    Attention: Sean and the Communications Team,

    You have been doing a great job. By moving the communications to email, we, ,the distant branches have been brought into lives of all the community.

    We are able to pray with the entire community for Alex Maslow and his family. And because of this we are able to grieve with the family. There is a genuine, real time, sense of family, a community of love.

    Praise God for Sean, Gretchen and the rest for the communications team! Continue to be open to the Holy Spirit.

  6. Nancy Grams says:


    Congratulations on this new assignment as Program Coordinator for the Communications Office. I was particularly pleased to see a new feature added to this site. Now, when news of a time sensitive nature happens, like the tragic car accident of Alex Maslow in Servant Branch, everyone in the People of Praise got the urgent bulletin so we could pray that day. Thank you for making our life together *more* together!

    Nancy Grams
    Colorado Springs Branch

  7. Karen Heintzelman says:

    Congratulations Sean! Thank you for your loving service to God and to us! Karen Heintzelman

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