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Retirees Move to Louisiana to Serve at Praise Academy
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February 14

Retirees Move to Louisiana to Serve at Praise Academy

“We treat each other like family here,” he said. “It’s like one big community that’s all one big family. And the fact that some of us are actually family has made it a lot easier to explain what it is we’re doing.”

Indy South Side Tent Meeting


Photos: Cathy Walters

More than 80 people attended a neighborhood "praise and prayer" meeting on the south side of Indianapolis on Sunday.

Abe Olson had this to say:

"We had a time of praise, followed by three testimonies and some preaching. We followed that with praying over people, and some refreshments afterwords.

We have done tent meetings in the past coupled with block parties and the Action Summer, but this was the first time we had it as its own event.

It was the birthday of one young neighborhood girl who was a regular camp attendee this past summer. She said to us that getting to be there 'was her birthday present from Jesus.' "



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