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The People of Praise Responds to Recent Press
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July 11

The People of Praise Responds to Recent Press

Over the past few weeks the People of Praise has received a great deal of attention in the press. Here, we aim to correct the record and provide clarity on a few important points.

Appleton Corn Roast


Thanks to Ruth Schmelzer who shared this update from Appleton:

"The Appleton Branch had a delightful day of fun and corn at the Annual People of Praise Corn Roast (OK, boil!) on August 28th. Norm Hippert found and/or created a game full of fun and frustration with 12 wooden sticks that must be hit with another wooden stick, one that bounces and misses everything (when it's your toss) and scores points when it seems to be everyone else's toss. Talk about camaraderie! Great fun!! Great food! Some card games, bingo, interesting and fun prizes. Delightful day all 'round! Thank you, Lord!"








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