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A House Fit for an Architect
December 5

A House Fit for an Architect

“A church is basically a house—a home for the body of Christ,” says Bill Argus. “Similarly, a house of committed Christians is something like a church.”

No Brother or Sister Left Behind


At the Servant Branch community meeting on May 1, Principal Branch Coordinator Tom Caneff declared Saturday May 14 (the eve of Pentecost) to be "no brother or sister left behind," proposing that the branch gather in small groups to celebrate the opening of the Lord's Day and pray for Pentecost.

He described an image of little bonfires spread out across the Twin Cities. He recommended taking some time during the evening to have everyone present pray for five minutes for a word from the Lord, and then come together to share those.

Here are a few pictures from some of these Lord's Day gatherings.




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