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Charlie Fraga Elected Overall Coordinator
September 10

Charlie Fraga Elected Overall Coordinator

Charlie Fraga (Vancouver-Portland) will be the next overall coordinator of the People of Praise. He was elected by the community’s board of governors during an assembly that took place September 9-10.

A New Principal Branch Coordinator for Oahu

Photo above courtesy of Ron Gouveia. Other photos by Fran Macalintal.

Craig Lent has appointed Ron Gouveia as the new principal branch coordinator for the Oahu branch. Ron began a six-year term on October 15, 2015. He follows Tom Duddy, who served three consecutive six-year terms.

Ron, 67, is a tenured coordinator and one of the men who led the Light of Christ prayer group, whose members became the Oahu branch of the People of Praise in 1983.

A lifelong Oahu resident, Ron has one daughter, Sharon, and a son, Jonathan, from his 36-year marriage to his wife, Carrie, who died in 2006. He works as a certified public accountant and plans to retire in 2017.

“I’m grateful for Ron’s willingness to accept the responsibility for leading the branch,” Craig said. “Ron has been a faithful leader in Oahu for many years and has the trust and affection of his brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Ron and Tom, in addition to being neighbors within the same condominium, are long-time brothers in the community. The Duddys came to Oahu in 1980 on a Navy commission and had their first ever Lord’s Day dinner with Ron and Carrie Gouveia’s household.

On October 4, the Oahu branch devoted their annual community celebration meeting to honoring and thanking Tom and his wife Mary for their years of service.


“Tom served unselfishly, humbly, generously, with a great passion to be the servant of all,” Donald Busekrus said.

Branch members recalled his accordion-playing skills, his passion for birding and his annual role as Santa Claus passing out gifts to branch children. “The kids all like ‘Uncle Tom,’” said Bob Linczer.

Throughout his tenure as PBC, Tom worked full-time as a legal assistant specializing in medical malpractice, while Mary worked first as a parish secretary then for the marriage tribunal of the local Catholic diocese.

Of Mary, Alana Busekrus said, "She is always eager to share life with others by serving them. She brings meals to new moms or to sick community members, helps with cleaning or moving, and prays over or reaches out to those in need, sharing her contagious humor and joy."

“Tom did a wonderful job,” Kevin Ranaghan said. “He was personally available for pastoral help for anyone in the branch. He always made a strong contribution to the branch review meetings every spring. I have the highest respect for his long service. He and Mary are known for their hospitality; they hosted many guests over the years.”



  1. Thomas Duddy (allendale) says:

    Praying for you uncle Ron in your new role. What a service, thank you for your yes. And God bless you mom and dad for your service it blessed me any many more over the years. More Lord!

  2. Anne Brewer says:

    How wonderful. Thank you Ron for saying yes! And thank you Tom and Mary for your years of generous, loving service!!!! God bless you!

  3. Jocelyn D'Eon says:

    Our love and thanks to Tom, Ron and their families. May the blessings that they bestow on others come right back to them.

  4. Paul Putzier (Servant) says:

    Thank you Ron and thank you Tom. Our life would not be possible with the loving care of brothers like you.

  5. Clem and Julie Walters says:

    Tom and Mary, job well done good and faithful servants. What a blessing to know and work together over these many years. We count it a great privilege. Clem/Julie
    Ron, may God's Holy Spirit guide you in your new effort as he has in the past. We will pray for you. Clem/ Julie

  6. Frank Bassett says:

    Congrats, Ron & Tom! One great man of God following in the footsteps of another. Thank you, Tom, for 18 years of selfless and encouraging love & service as PBC. You are highly esteemed throughout our community. And thank you, Ron, for standing up to assume this important leadership role. I have long admired your gifts and love for God and our brothers & sisters. You are God's man, and as such, will do very well in your new position.

  7. Tom Evans says:

    Congratulations, the branch is in good hands. Many fond memories of our times together, from leaders meetings as a Light of Christ leader, to our visits for Oahu retreats. Diane and I will be praying For you.

  8. Dave Grzybowski (Buffalo) says:

    When my wife Jean and I visited Hawaii 6 years ago, Tom and Mary picked us up at our hotel to take us to the branch picnic. The next day Ron drove us around Oahu sightseeing, a memory we'll never forget. What a joy to have such marvelous brothers and sisters. Congratulations to you all!

  9. Julie Walters says:

    Tom and Carrie hosted us many, many times. It was always a joy to be with them. Tom has the gift of wisdom which he speaks so naturally. d

    Tom and Mary you have given yourselves so generously to the People of Praise. I loved our walks at Turtle Bay and meals at your house. I watched your children grow up. Tom you, too, have a gift of wisdom and speaking the truth in love. Eighteen years is a long time to be PBC but you served as if it was your first day.
    Love you all, and miss seeing you,

  10. Rich Was says:

    Thank you for your yes brother.
    Praying for you and for all our brothers and sisters in Oahu.

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