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This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

With 4 Blue Ribbons, Trinity Greenlawn Joins the Nation's Top Schools

by Sean Connolly

Trinity School at Greenlawn earned its fourth blue ribbon award from the US Department of Education on Tuesday, September 24. With the award, Trinity joins a group of eight high schools (three private schools and five public schools) in the entire United States who are four-time winners, according to a spokeswoman for the Department of Education. (Between 1982 and 2012 just 35 high schools had won the award three or more times.) Trinity is also the only Indiana school to win four blue ribbon awards.

“This fourth award speaks volumes about the consistency of our academic approach over more than 30 years,” says head of school John Lee (South Bend). “Our parents and students believe in what we’re doing as a school, and our faculty continually put the students first. We are all very proud and grateful to God for this accomplishment.”

To qualify for the award this year, Greenlawn students had to score in the top 15 percent nationally on the SAT and the school had to submit an application describing its mission and curriculum. Just 50 private schools in the country were selected as winners this year. Greenlawn has now won the blue ribbon award under four different heads of school: Bill Wacker (1989), Debbie Mixell (1993), Tom Finke (2003) and John Lee (2013). John will travel to Washington D.C. to accept the award in November.

The award is also the seventh time a Trinity School campus has won a blue ribbon. Trinity School at Meadow View won the award most recently in 2010. River Ridge won in 1996 and in 2008.

“Of course we have always aimed to achieve excellence in education,” notes Kerry Koller (South Bend), the president of Trinity Schools and a member of the People of Praise board of governors, "so I am not surprised by this news. The award does mean that our reputation for excellence is growing, and we hope that with this growth we will be able to bring the benefits of a Trinity education to many more students. It is part of our mission as a community to educate children in a ‘true and integral Christian humanism,’ as our Spirit and Purpose says—both community children and all of the children that the Lord sends to our schools. We are grateful to be able to live out each day this part of the Lord’s call for us.”


  1. Ray J Gonzalez says:

    Never a doubt. Great job!

    Ray G.

  2. Elena Flynn says:

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  3. Dan Lindeken says:

    Congratulations! Trinity Schools is a wonderful gift.

  4. Susan Busk says:

    Congratulations to the faculty, staff, students, parents and friends of Trinity!!! This is so excellent, well deserved and a blessing for our school. Praise God! sue

  5. Locksley Robinson says:

    Congratulations Trinity,this is great news!Glory to God

  6. Dave Sier says:

    Congratulations, again!!!!

  7. Katherine Brophy says:

    It is wonderful to see the vision that the Lord gave us over 30 years ago has greatly impacted not only our own lives but the state of education in our country. It has inspired the start of two other Trinity campuses as well as other educational approaches to teach not only our children but the children in our neighborhoods and cities. We couldn't even imagine the impact we would have across the nation when Trinity first opened its doors in 1981. Thank you to all our brothers and sisters who said yes back then and those who continue to say yes right now to this particular mission that the Lord has given us.

  8. Julie Walters says:

    I'm grateful to all of those dedicated to Trinity Schools, present and past. And blessed by Dr. Koller's ongoing leadership.

  9. Maureen McDonough says:

    Praise God and Hooray for Trinity at Grrenlawn!

  10. Anne Brewer says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for continued hard work! God bless all the teachers, parents, and students! And the board and administration!

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