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May 30

This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

A Prayer Meeting Finds A Home



By Chris Meehan

“Jesus wants us to walk around this neighborhood and talk to Christians about getting to know one another.”

That’s what Evansville missionary Mary Timler told Denise, a home-schooling mother of three on the last stop of the afternoon on Wednesday, April 7.

“The Lord has been speaking to me about unity for five weeks,” Denise replied. “People need to pray and eat together just like in the book of Acts.”

“About five weeks ago, the Lord began telling us the same thing,” Mary said, astonished.

She realized that she and the other missionaries had been praying and thinking hard about John 17:21 (“that they may all be one . . . so that the world will believe that you have sent me”) at the same time that Denise had been studying Ephesians, with its long sections devoted to unity.

Denise invited Mary into her living room along with her missionary teammates, Joe Bulger and Peter Putzier. Kids’ artwork decorated the walls. Denise said that she’d rededicated her life to God several years earlier and had started attending a Pentecostal church. “The kingdom of God is here, and we need to act like it,” Denise said. “Healings should be normal.” Then she told a story about praying that her own asthma would be healed. The Lord healed her, leaving her doctor perplexed.

At the end of a 45-minute conversation Denise offered to have all the missionaries over for dinner or to let them gather for prayer in her house.

Her offer solved a problem for the missionaries. They’d been talking about having a prayer meeting, but several missionaries were feeling sick, so they needed to find a neighbor willing to host the meeting.

Mary called Denise later that day to see if the missionaries could host their meeting at Denise’s house the next evening. “Oh yeah,” Denise responded. “I meant what I said when I said you all could come over.”

The next evening some of the missionaries, Denise and another neighbor prayed with a woman for baptism in the Spirit in one of Denise’s bedrooms. Denise told Mary later that she hoped they could meet for prayer at her house again.

“Living life together should be normal for Christians,” Denise said.


  1. Carol Govek says:

    Yes, we share common relationships in the power of our faith in Jesus Christ. May this witness continue to blossom.

  2. Mary Kay Gleason says:

    Lovely story! Keep up the good work, Mary, Claire, Joe, Ryan, Peter, and all! We are praying for you.

  3. Ellen Putzier says:

    Alleluia!! That is amazing! Praise God!

  4. Harold Coulter says:

    A beachhead is being established. Praise God for showing us more of His hearts desire that we all may be one. May we in the branches continue to pray and seek more unity among Christians where we live and work too.

  5. Marjorie Stanley says:

    It is not easy to go out and knock on the doors of strangers
    and talk to them about the Lord. I pray daily for all missionaries. May He pour His Blessings upon You. Marge

  6. John Boughton says:

    Thursday is the day we and our POP neighbors the Kurdelaks have agreed to pray for our immediate neighborhood in South Bend, so as I biked in to work this morning I was asking the Lord to show us his pleasure, as well as interceding for our missionaries. So I find this story especially timely and encouraging. It's great to have this example of God going before us. Keep up being bold!

  7. Josh Caneff says:

    Hey look! Comments! This, and the other stories that have been posted, are wonderful to read. Thank you all for sharing, collating, and publishing them! You lift us all up and show us where the kingdom is being built in your lives and work.

  8. Laura Brummer says:

    Glory to God. He is bringing us to those who seek our life. Praise you Lord!

  9. Margaret Sak says:

    Great story!! Just what I needed to see today! May the Lord continue to raise up his people to spread his word. I am praying for all of you.

    love, m

  10. Edna Malone says:

    Our missionaries are the most courageous people I know. I pray the Lord will protect you and bless every effort you are making for the kingdom of God.

  11. Ray Gonzalez says:

    The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing in Evansville. The trip was necessary! Go MCo!

    In Christ - RJG

  12. The D & A Busekrus Family says:

    Come Lord Jesus. Show us who to talk to at work, at school, at church, at the soccer field, in our neighborhoods. Give us the courage and strength to follow the example of our humble missionaries. God is good!
    Donald Busekrus

  13. Robin says:

    It is so exciting when the Father sets up the plan and then you walk right into it. Glory to the King of Kings, the author of LIFE.

    By the way, the seeds you planted here on the South Side are growing. Fr. Frank said "Thank You" to the congregation because he sees the parish growing and more people are attending Church and bringing their children and grandchildren. He was very pleased at what he is seeing.

    Thanks MCO for planting seeds!

  14. Shelley Gilliam says:

    Hallelujah!!!! Praises be to God in the Highest!!! So glad to hear the wonderful news and see fruition of many seeds sown. Keep sowing and expecting the great harvest. The Lord definitely is bringing His people unto Him that He may continuously change the world through us. All Glory unto Him. Go Missionary Company Go. God Bless you in all you do. Thank you for being willing to be sent. May the Lord continuously increase your faith.

  15. Joan Hiel (Bittner) says:

    Aloha, Way to go. Keep up the good work for our Lord. We pray for you all here in Oahu branch. Additionally, three of us Moms gather weekly to pray for our branch needs and specifically for your work as well. We just wanted you to know you are covered in love and prayers. We will continue to pray God bless you with his boldness and and compassion. We walk together in His name, Love Joan

  16. Joan Hiel (Bittner) says:

    Aloha, Some of us here in Oahu pray together for you weekly during intercessary prayer. We walk with you in His name. Keep up the good work. In Jesus, Joan

  17. Terry Bomkamp says:

    keep up the good work, we're praying for you
    Rockford Branch!

  18. Annie Putzier says:

    Praying for you missionaries every day! This is a awesome confirmation of what's on the Lord's mind!

  19. Kim Doffing says:

    We read these stories with hearts full of Praise and Glory to God! May the Fathers Holy Spirit continue to touch the lives of all we meet. Amen!

  20. Gloria Murphy says:

    I was really built up by this story, especially how the Lord prepared Denise's heart for your arrival and how open she was about her own spiritual life.
    Keep up the wonderful work. We carry you all in our hearts and prayers.

  21. Ron Gouveia says:

    Great story! Thanks for your great work! Come Holy Spirit!

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