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This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

Allendale Neighbor Grateful to Be Alive

by Chris Meehan. Photo courtesy of Thomas Duddy.






Ed home from the hospital, with nurse Thomas Duddy.





Ed Allison, 71, a good friend and neighbor of the Christians in Mission team in Shreveport's Allendale neighborhood, credits God and neighbor Pat Malone with saving his life on a recent Monday morning.

“Ed has been battling colon cancer for two years,” Pat explains. “He lives alone and I visit him about twice a week. Normally I don’t visit him on Mondays, but on March 25, as I was doing my household chores and praying for Ed, I had the sense that the Lord wanted me to check on him as soon as possible.”

After lunch Pat walked the two blocks to Ed’s. The doorbell wasn’t working. “I tried calling him, but his phone was out of order,” Pat says. “Normally I would have just come back later, but I had a sense I should try again to rouse him. I knocked on the door several times and then pounded on his window until he finally came to the door.”

Ed was weak and struggling. He was bleeding and couldn't get the bleeding stopped. He wasn’t thinking clearly. After they prayed, Ed decided to go to the hospital. Since Pat doesn’t drive, they used Pat’s phone to call a friend. “We got him to the hospital right away,” says Pat.

Ed’s bleeding was related to an inoperable tumor. At the hospital he received blood transfusions, and the bleeding eventually stopped. Hospital staff placed him in a palliative care unit. His caregivers were concerned that his tumor could rupture again, but 16 days later Ed returned home.

“I don’t know where Jesus is leading me,” Ed says. “I’m just holding his hand.”

Though his health is still frail, Ed says that he’s excited to see the kingdom of God breaking out in the neighborhood he’s called home for 40 years. “God’s work is going on here. I want to see this movement spread. I’m so grateful to your whole organization. I’m so glad you came. I’m grateful to God for saving my life by having Pat come over, find me and help get me to the hospital.”

Pat says he’s grateful to spend regular time with Ed. “He always wants to be prayed with for healing, and he likes nothing better than to hear me read Scripture aloud and then discuss it. Keep praying for this good brother in Christ.”


  1. Carmen Fraga says:

    It's wonderful to see the power of the Lord working through our brothers & sisters in Allendale! We rejoice with Ed!

  2. Mike Zengel says:


    What a great story of listening to the Lord and loving your neighbor,Ed. A great testament to your faithfulness in building up the Kingdom of God.

    Mike Zengel

  3. Nancy Grams says:

    Praise God for His mercy and love for Ed. No prompting from the Lord is too small to follow up on and Pat's response is a wonderful example.

  4. Mary Lent says:

    I miss you and Edna here, but am thankful that you are there.

  5. Laura Gleason says:

    What an encouraging story. I'm so grateful for all the ways brothers and sisters in Allendale are being Christ to their community.

  6. Pat Benito says:

    What a great witness to God's work in Allendale. What a great testmony on Ed's part for listening to that 'still small voice'! Praise God!

  7. Susan Busk says:

    I was just listening to a Kevin Ranaghan's "Spread the Fire" on disc and he kept saying, "Be aware of the movements of the Spirit in your life" (paraphrased). Praise God that Pat was listening to the Lord, aware of where the Spirit was leading him on that Monday.

  8. Liz Bomkamp says:

    Father, please continue your healing!

  9. John Banks says:

    Pat Malone is one of the most faithful prayers I've ever known. When you ask Pat to pray for something, he does! And God answers his prayers.

  10. Julie Walters says:

    It's so good that you and Edna followed the Lord's prompting to go to Allendale. How blessed they are to have you and how blessed Ed is to have a friend like you. Thank you for always listening to the Lord's voice.

  11. Mike Rosener says:

    Waydago Pat for being available to Holy Spirit and your neighbor.. We are seeing the Lord work in our neighborhood here in south Minneapolis. Mostly good friends and good building relationships by having campfires. God is good, all the time. I will keep praying for your neighbor. It sounds like he need the healing hand of Jesus.

  12. Carol Govek says:

    Glory to God! This story builds my faith. Thank you Lord for those who walk with the Holy Spirit. Help each of us to be as sensitive to your prompting. Amen

  13. Robin Gonzalez says:

    Praise God, when the Lord speaks, his children listen.

  14. Karen Heintzelman says:

    What an awesome story of God's love! Thank you Pat and all the people in missions. We love and pray for all y'all!

  15. tom caneff says:

    This is just a simple yet profound example of love and listening to the Lord -- all the time. I think it's one the main words the Lord is giving to all of us in the People of Praise. Listen. Love.
    Glory to God

  16. Kathry Kelly says:

    It is so good to hear what the Lord is doing in Allendale.
    God bless you, Ed and heal you.

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