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Retirees Move to Louisiana to Serve at Praise Academy
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February 14

Retirees Move to Louisiana to Serve at Praise Academy

“We treat each other like family here,” he said. “It’s like one big community that’s all one big family. And the fact that some of us are actually family has made it a lot easier to explain what it is we’re doing.”

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Missionary Music
Evansville Music
March 21

Missionary Music

People of Praise missionaries living in Evansville have launched a new music website.

Three Songs About The Cross


J-T Kelly plays on an Indianapolis front porch.                 Photo credit: John Bowar


"Jesus" by J-T Kelly

Jesus by J-T Kelly

"The Cross"  by J-T Kelly

The Cross by J-T Kelly

"Lift High The Cross," performed at the 2010 People of Praise Mission Conference

Lift High The Cross

Lyrics to "Jesus," by J-T Kelly:

I picture you in dust and heat
I picture you awake at night
You are exhausted on your feet
Crowds to your left and to your right

And up ahead that looming tree
That only you appear to see
Your closest friends don't understand
The nature of your Father's plan

I picture you making a choice
A whole new way of life begun
How many people heard that voice
That called you my beloved Son

When you went off alone to pray
For 40 nights and 40 days
Did anyone go search for you
Or wonder what you're going through

I picture Peter's furrowed brow.
I picture Martha's worried mind
You speak as best as you know how
Using every image you can find

To show your Father bright and clear
To everyone with ears to hear
And when there's no more words to say
You put yourself up on display

I see that ugly stinking hill
I see the blood run down your face
Your mission now will be fulfilled
in nakedness, pain and disgrace

You finally did what you set out to do
In your death, your Father's love shines through
And then just look at what your Father does for you
Oh just look at what your Father does for you

I picture New Jerusalem
The city founded on your blood
Your spirit fills up every street
Like a river full in flood

Life without end within her walls
Where you are finally all in all
Your Father forever glorified
In your hands, your feet, your side


  1. Linda Ronayne says:

    Just beautiful JT. Please let the world hear it. How about YouTube? Words made me cry - what a wonderful meditation. God blesses your talent and thanks for sharing it with us.

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