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Marriage In Christ Launches At Home Seminar
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February 16

Marriage In Christ Launches At Home Seminar

The Marriage in Christ seminar is now available online, for anyone to access and participate in. Married couples can complete it together at home on their own schedules.

New People of Praise Logo

Chris Meehan (South Bend) has won the community’s logo design competition. His winning entry incorporates tongues of fire, hands raised in praise and the words “People of Praise Christian Community.” He developed two versions: a standard design and a 40th anniversary version. His designs are a modification and updating of a logo created by Chuck Strantz for the community’s 25th anniversary.

“I want to thank all the brothers and sisters who submitted logo designs,” said Craig Lent, who had announced the competition in April on behalf of the community’s board of governors. “I’m grateful for all the hard work and creativity that went into every design that was submitted. I look forward to seeing all the creative ways our new logo will be put to use across the community as we continue celebrating our 40th anniversary.”


  1. Beth says:

    I love this logo. I want a bumper sticker, a t shirt and maybe a tatoo! Thanks, Chris.

  2. Susan Busk says:

    Thanks, Chris, for a great design! The color scheme is terrific- I am looking forward to seeing your design in print everywhere.
    God bless you, sue
    PS How about a banner for each branch-we could use one at the South Bend Center for the blank wall behind the the stage in the Great Room.

  3. Gerry Deakin says:

    Thanks, Chris, it looks just great! I will definitely be ordering the coffee cups when they become available!!

  4. John Vogel says:

    Handsome, elegant, powerful.

  5. Mary Dohrman says:

    Great design! I love it!

  6. Lori Twining says:

    Great logo, Chris!

  7. John Carnick says:

    Genius, Chris! I like it!

    Re: Beth, above, our answer to gangland tattoos?

  8. Celia Monges says:

    Excellent!!I really like it Chris. Right now I will put my order in for four cups and a small banner for my office. Celia

  9. Lori Zimmerman says:

    What talent!! Thanks.
    Lori Z.

  10. Omar Montemayor says:

    Wow! It is beautiful.

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