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May 30

This is Praise Harvest

In Evansville, IN, People of Praise members have turned vacant lots into an urban farm that produces thousands of pounds of vegetables each year for their neighborhood.

New President for the LaSalle Company

By Chris Meehan

Mike Feeks

Mike Feeks (South Bend), 51, began serving as president of the LaSalle Company on August 25. He follows Paul DeCelles (South Bend), chair of the company’s board of directors, who served as president from 2009 to 2011.

"Mike brings seasoned leadership to the position. He has my complete trust and support as he assumes the presidency. I am delighted that he has accepted this responsibility,” Paul said. “The LaSalle Company board of directors joins me in praying for the Lord’s blessings on Mike, his family and on all of his faithful co-workers.”

Mike began his career at the LaSalle Company in 1985 as the company's credit manager. He managed the customer service department before earning a promotion to operations manager in 2008, taking responsibility for all customer service, warehousing and information technology operations. He was promoted to vice-president for operations in November, 2009.

As president, Mike will lead LaSalle's divisions: Communication Center, which distributes textbooks to churches and schools; Renewed Life, a web site that offers charismatic renewal resources to individual customers (; and Omco, a sales team that offers books and other resources from a variety of publishers to Christian bookstores.

Mike and his wife Bridget live in Mishawaka, IN, and have six children ages 24-12: Becca, Anne, Mary, John, Joseph and William.


  1. Larry Lamanna says:

    Congratulations, Mike!
    You're a great choice for this responsibility, which is important not just for the South Bend branch, but for the whole People of Praise.
    (Plus, it beats selling prepaid phone cards!)

  2. Anne Brewer says:

    Praise God. Thank you for saying "yes" to this new responsibility! May you and all your family be blessed.

  3. Jim Sgroi says:

    Congratulations Mike! Having worked with you for many years at the LaSalle Co.this does not surprise me.

    May the Lord bless your every decision and give you all the wisdom and gifts you need.

  4. Bill Brophy says:

    Congratulations, Mike. We are behind you 100%.
    Bill Brophy

  5. Ruthanne Seitz says:

    Hooray and congratulations to you, Mike! You'll be a great president!I'm proud to say I knew you when....

  6. Dan Robinson says:

    Congratulations, Mike!

    May the Lord grant you wisdom and peace as you serve Him in this new position. May He also bless your family.

  7. Mike Zusi says:

    Congratulations Mike and to the LaSalle Company! Mike Feeks is a smart guy, a faithful man, a tremendous brother and a conscientious leader. What a great choice for president. What a great company! Thank you, Mike and the LaSalle Company board.

  8. Edna Malone says:

    Congratulations Mike!! Lord Jesus bless Mike in all he does with and for the LaSalle company. Prosper the company under Mike's leadership as you have prospered it in the past.

  9. Carol Rowe says:

    Congratulations Mike. I would also like to offer congratulations on behalf of Catharina Lemmens of New Life Community, Kingston Jamaica. God's blessings be with you.

    Carol Rowe
    Kingston Branch

  10. Bruce Wansart says:


    Paul DeCellas was a house hold name and did a beautiful job!

    Your now running the house. Best of good fortune!


  11. Paul Putzier says:

    Congratulations Mike and we are praying for you.

  12. Marge Connolly says:

    I'm happy for the Company, and for you, Mike. You bring many gifts to the job, not least of which is a McDonough-like sense of humor! Never lose it.

  13. Marti Merrick says:

    I remember when you took over as manager one summer when I worked there. I ran into your office with a huge problem. You looked at me and asked, "How may I serve you?" What a servant's heart!!! We are blessed to have you in your new position.

  14. Carol Govek says:

    Congratulations Mike! You and your family give such loving witness to others. May our Savior, Jesus Christ, be at the helm!

  15. Bev Bradley says:

    We were off to a good start in '85, when the conference office shared cramped space with CRS for a short time. You may remember that our desks even faced one another! (A pretty steep challenge to stare at your mother-in-law all day.)

    I continue to grow in admiration and appreciation for your wisdom, patience, humility, service and respect for others. I have learned over the years that things always go well when you are around, and I have every confidence that this will hold true as you take over the helm at the LaSalle Company.

  16. Nancy Grams says:

    Congratulations, Mike! Clearly, you come to this job highly qualified and greatly recommended. Our prayers are with you, Bridget and the family.

  17. John Carnick says:

    I am very happy for you, the LaSalle Company, and all of us, Mike. Congratulations! The future is bright.

  18. Randy Raciti says:

    Congratulations Admiral! Does the job come with a company boat?*! Great choice! Your people love and believe in you as borne testament by the above comments. Looking forward to watching you lead the company into the future. You will do great!

  19. Ruthanne Seitz says:

    Mike, I'm late for my congrats, but I know that you will continue steadily moving the CRS (is it still called that?) ship along the path that the Lord has made for you and the company.

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