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Praise Harvest Summer Tour
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September 1

Praise Harvest Summer Tour

Watch as head farmer Peter Putzier shows off some of the vegetables and flowers that have come up at Praise Harvest, our urban farm in Evansville, Indiana.

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God Moves in a Mysterious Way
July 10

God Moves in a Mysterious Way

"Ye fearful saints fresh courage take,     The clouds ye so much dread Are big with mercy, and shall break     In blessings on your head."

Missionary Hymns

These hymns were recorded at the People of Praise Mission Conference, held last January. Nick Holovaty learned the second verse sung in this version of Amazing Grace from an elderly, wheel-chair bound woman in an Indianapolis nursing home.

"Must Jesus bear the cross alone,

And all the world go free?

No there's a cross for everyone,

and there's a cross for me."

To play a hymn, click on the triangle on the right.

How Firm a Foundation

How Firm a Foundation



Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace


  1. Mark Elio says:

    Greetings, brothers and sisters in the Lord!

    I listened and was blessed by the hymns you shared on this site and was inspired by an idea you may or may not have thought about. Have you considered recording a CD of People of Praise Missionary Hymns and offering it throughout the Community for perhaps a "suggested donation" as a creative way of raising funds for your missionary work? I believe this came from the Holy Spirit, but in all things it is always wise to discern matters. I pass this on to you for your encouragement and prayerful consideration. God bless you from Mark in the Colorado Springs Branch!

  2. Jen Havard says:

    Love the harmonies, and strong voices! Sounds like you mean what you are singing. :)

  3. Dorothy Berghoff says:

    Lovely, Thank you all.

  4. Paul and Jeanne DeCelles says:

    Deeply moving. Seraphic!

    Thank you so much.

    In Christ, Paul and Jeanne

  5. carolyn hornbuckle says:

    Sounds like a choir of angels. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jodi Engles says:

    Sean and our Missionaries, I love getting these news updates. It's great to read the stories and the songs on this one was a special blessing. How about if you make a CD?

  7. Katy Connor says:

    It was great!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Cynthia Hagens says:

    Enjoy each of the updates! Love the songs, very beautiful!

  9. Marge Connolly says:

    Great for morning prayer for those of us living alone!

  10. Pam Seale says:

    LIstening to these brought my mind back to the conference and how grateful I am to be part of the work in campus. We go forth with great confidence because we have the strength of each other and the power of the Holy Spirit. How evident in the music! Thanks, Sean!

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