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Praying for Peace in Evansville
Missionary Blog Evansville
December 3

Praying for Peace in Evansville

After a shooting a few weeks ago and a car chase ending in a wreck that took the lives of 3 people this past week, we spent our Sunday afternoon praying around the block.

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Watch: How God Changed my Neighborhood
Allendale Evansville Indy Our Work Video
October 28

Watch: How God Changed my Neighborhood

Women in Evansville, IN, Shreveport, LA and Indianapolis, IN describe the impact of People of Praise missionaries moving into their neighborhoods.

Evansville Camp: Week Two


Mr. Gabe's camp group voted to name themselves "Sons of the King," for the three weeks they'd be together. They made crowns and had icee pops in the 90+ degree heat to celebrate.

The heat also couldn't keep our oldest boys' group down as they played hard, team-focused basketball with one key rule: pitch the trash talk.

Our camp kids also get regular tours of our community farm: Praise Harvest. They learn how, with a little work on our part, God's creation can yield fruit to sustain us right here on the South Side.



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