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God Provides a Stove

photo by Collin Anderson (2008).

by Paula Lent

The woman strained to see her way through pitch black smoke as she crawled on the floor to escape the fire in her kitchen. A grease fire on her stovetop had burned out of control, climbing up the wall behind the stove and filling her family’s Evansville home with smoke. 

 The woman, a neighbor of the Evansville missionaries, told Ellen Earhart about the fire, saying that her household—her husband, their three young children and her mother-in-law—were all safe, but their stove was completely destroyed in the fire. 

 Ellen relayed the story to her husband, John. That same day, John received a call from Chris Vieck, saying that another neighbor, Mary Carter, had called her to ask if Chris knew of anyone who needed a stove. Mary’s brother was getting rid of his and wanted to give it to someone in need. 

 “This is incredible that you’re calling right now,” Chris had told Mary, “because our neighbors just had a kitchen fire and need a stove.” 

 John was working at the Praise Harvest farm stand the following day when he noticed the husband of the family who’d had the fire carrying a load of laundry to his car. John told him about the stove Mary’s brother was giving away. The man was happy to hear of the offer and gladly accepted it, but said that he wouldn’t be ready for the stove until repairs were finished in his kitchen.

 The next day, Chris and several missionary brothers went to pick up the stove. It was in great shape. 

Chris noted, “Mary’s brother likely could have sold it for a good price at a used appliance store. Somehow, he and Mary thought that it could be used otherwise.” The missionaries stored the stove in a garage they own in the neighborhood. 

 A few weeks later, the couple knocked on the Earharts’ door to let them know they were ready for the stove. As John helped them carry it through the alley to their house, the man said he couldn’t take any more microwave meals. “He was about as excited as I’ve ever seen him,” John recalls. After installing the stove, John texted Chris to let her know how grateful the family was.

  “I was amazed at the Lord’s thoughtfulness,” says Chris. “It’s striking how he provides, how he cares about the details of life and this family of six and what they were going through.”


  1. Miriam Pena says:

    The Lord is so mindful of the big and little things in our lives. Thanks for the update - will continue to pray.

  2. Julie Walters says:

    Glory to God. He fits all the pieces together to care for our needs. Thank you, Lord!

  3. Kendall Kuehn says:

    God does care about the details

  4. Maria Elliott says:

    Praise God! This story touched me so much that I had goosebumps reading it. Our Father does really care and we must simply listen to His voice to receive the graces. Glory!

  5. james and brenda ingram says:

    Thank God no-one was injured in the fire. God's providential care is so wonderful.
    Good story to read.

  6. Peggy Judge says:

    Halleluiah! God is good!

  7. Nancy Grams says:

    This sweet story builds up the whole body of Christ.
    Thank you, Lord, for loving all your children!

  8. Claudia Schmitz says:

    Praise our good, good Father! His goodness is always running after us! What matters to us and concerns us--Matters to our Father!

  9. Lu Bertino says:

    Our Amazing Lord is always right on time to show His love and draw all men to Himself. Thank You ABBA

  10. Tom Caneff says:

    What a wonderful story of the faithfulness of God AND brothers and sisters.

  11. Rita Kottkamp says:

    Glory to God! He is such a loving and powerful protector and provider! Thank you for these updates. I have been looking all over the news for word about our branches in the storm's path. And to know the very day that a family loses their stove another one is provided. Incredible! Thank you, Lord, for your powerful arm!

  12. Robin says:

    What great stories to read AND to share with our your stories are our stories and we praise our loving Father together as one voice....GLORY TO GOD!

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