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Praying for Peace in Evansville
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December 3

Praying for Peace in Evansville

After a shooting a few weeks ago and a car chase ending in a wreck that took the lives of 3 people this past week, we spent our Sunday afternoon praying around the block.

We are his hands.


We are his hands. With all the snow that came down in Evansville recently, we missionaries have regularly sent out teams to shovel out our neighbors who need the help.

This picture shows two teams deploying together to shovel out Sharon, one of our close friends in the neighborhood, who uses a wheelchair ramp to access her home. Sharon was so delighted with the help, she sent us a thank you card:

Dear Evansville Missionaries,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you all so much for showing up last week to shovel my walk and ramp! That ministered to me a lot! The reason is that I could now get out -- at least to my car. Also, I had prayed about an hour before and had asked God to help me with this situation, and thenĀ -- here you all were!

God has challenged me to really believe that He will answer, not just hope he will. In this situation, I had to chose to believe He would - because he loves me this much!

So again, I wanted to thank you for your part in increasing my faith in God's love for me. I can look back on this situation if I am tempted to doubt in the future. I am so very glad that you all are here in Evansville! What a difference you make in our neighborhood!

May God continue to bless all your efforts! Love, Sharon

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