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In Allendale, God Delivers Food
June 27

In Allendale, God Delivers Food

In Shreveport’s Allendale neighborhood, there’s a mysterious woman driving around with an old tan minivan. She’s got a surprising knack for answering prayers.

Missionary Company brothers


The three Missionary Company brothers who moved from Evansville to Allendale are now living in a house on Harvard St. that is directly behind the home of Ron and Ruthanne Seitz. Recently graduated Joe Bulger has also joined the Missionary Company and moved in with them. They have been doing mission in the Allendale neighborhood and doing some recon mission in other areas. David has been surprised and impressed with how warmly people have received them and how many people have encouraged them to keep knocking on doors in their neighborhood. All four of them are now working full time to help with the Action summer. The Action staff arrived this week and everyone is gearing up for a great summer.

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