A song performed by the Missionary Company. Written by Nick Holovaty, Mary Timler and Chris Vieck.


Welcome to Annie Putzier the newest addition to the Missionary Company.


John, Kaitlyn, and I (George) stopped by a modest yard sale put on by four young neighborhood girls. They were probably between 6 and 10 years old. They were a little downhearted because they hadn't earned anything yet. We prayed that God would send them business and help them earn some money.


Recently, Ellen, Kaitlyn, and I (Evan) were out doing new mission work. We started the day with several doors that didn’t open. We came up on one porch and heard a dog barking after our knock. I asked the team if any words were coming to mind. A sister had the word, “Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.” The door opened part way.


Paul and Andrea Kane came to visit Evansville this past weekend! They joined us for mission work on Friday. Before going out, Andrea shared a word she got in prayer. She saw a woman, sitting alone and wearing a duster house coat. As I (Mary) listened to her share the word, I knew exactly who she was talking about.


The power of the Holy Spirit on display. Thank you Lord for your steadfast love and your powerful presence.