People of Praise Missionaries

A blog edited by Walt Seale ([email protected]) about People of Praise missionary work in the Mississippi River Valley. Learn more.


Many thanks to the six women from Notre Dame and Saint Mary's who spent their fall break helping us in Evansville!


The school year continues to unfold for our new Praise Academy in Allendale/Lakeside.


It's harvest time for the missionary garden in Evansville.


We paused on the porch which smelled of cigarette smoke and asked for a word. We heard the Lord tell us to talk about his abundant mercy, how willing he is to forgive our sins.


Evan and I (Annie) were knocking on doors together as part of our missionary work. A tall skinny man, in his 60's, answered the door, he smiled, and invited us right in.


This spring the Missionary Company in Evansville began an urban farm project on a vacant lot in their neighborhood.