Trinity Schools

close reading and seminar discussion of classics in philosophy

In 1981 the People of Praise launched its groundbreaking educational program, Trinity Schools. Today there are three campuses:

Trinity School at Greenlawn in South Bend, IN
Trinity School at Meadow View in Falls Church, VA
Trinity School at River Ridge in Eagan, MN.

These schools, serving grades seven through twelve, offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes:

  • close reading and seminar discussion of classics in philosophy, literature and poetry
  • a variety of challenging mathematics and science courses
  • in-depth Scripture study
  • studio art
  • performance-based training in music and drama.

Trinity Schools have a unique educational vision. They create a community of learners that includes both students and faculty. Because all are learners, all participate fully in their common educational effort and contribute their best efforts to it.

Trinity Schools have earned a national reputation for consistently high academic achievement. In 1982 the US Department of Education established its Blue Ribbon Program to honor academic excellence, and the three Trinity School campuses have been awarded a total of nine Blue Ribbons. The campus in South Bend won this award again in 2013, becoming one of only nine high schools in the country to have received the Blue Ribbon four times. Student SAT scores at Trinity Schools consistently outpace the national average by several hundred points.

Today Trinity Schools enjoy a fruitful collaboration with Trinity Academy in Portland, OR, and The Wilberforce School in Princeton, NJ. Both are classical Christian schools that employ the Trinity School curriculum and have their faculty trained by teachers from Trinity Schools.

Through more than three decades of growth, Trinity School’s educational mission has endured: offering students a Christian education in truth, beauty and goodness as members of a community of learners.

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