Communication Center

Communication Center is a business in South Bend, IN, owned by the People of Praise that sells Bibles and religious-education materials. It benefits churches and schools by allowing them to save time, headaches and hassles by ordering materials from many different publishers through a single source.

one:ten communications

one:ten is a web development and consulting company based in South Bend, IN.  Their name comes from Ephesians 1:10, "In Christ and under Christ, God wanted to unite . . . everything in heaven and on earth.” The company’s ultimate aim is to help people connect and communicate online. 

Greenlawn Films

Through Greenlawn Films in South Bend, IN, the People of Praise produces videos for its own use and for commercial clients. Greenlawn Films has created over 40 internet marketing videos for Trinity Schools and the People of Praise. The staff also offers their marketing and filmmaking expertise to a broad range of clients, especially businesses and private schools.

Christians in Commerce

Many People of Praise members participate in Christians in Commerce, an outreach that seeks to help men and women bring Christ into their workplaces. People of Praise members Louis Grams and Bud Rose helped found Christians in Commerce in 1983.