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Sorrow and Salvation: A Playlist for Lent
March 19

Sorrow and Salvation: A Playlist for Lent

Music and remembering are intimately tied together. Just as snatch of a song overheard at a grocery store can take you back to childhood, we hope this new Lenten playlist will stir up your memories of the one who gave his lifeblood for us all.

Summer Songs

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The British spiritual writer Caryll Houselander wrote, “Christ has given the indifferent world a heart, and in that heart, broken with love, the heart of the world is given back to God.” 

Today, I am sharing with you a playlist of summer songs to stir your heart with love. These are songs for ordinary life, for listening to while doing the dishes or driving, going to the beach or mowing the lawn. The list includes several songs from community writers and singers: J-T Kelly, Louis Grams, Jim Rolland, Rus Lyons, Chris Vieck, Nick Holovaty and the People of Praise missionaries, along with some Gospel tunes, spirituals and even a classic from the Brownsville Revival. The 17-song list is available on Youtube. 

No matter where you are or what your summer looks like this year, there is always this, in the words of J-T Kelly:

I love you my brothers and sisters
I love you, the body of Christ
I love you my Lord and my Savior
We paid a cost, but look what we got for the price


1. "The Cost"  by J-T Kelly
2. "Pressing On" performed by the Chicago Mass Choir
3. "Missionary Joy" by Nick Holovaty and Chris Vieck
4. "Here I Am, Oh Lord, Send Me" performed by Mississippi John Hurt
5. "All I Want to Do" by J-T Kelly
6. "He Reached Down" by Iris DeMent
7. "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me" performed by Chris Vieck and the Missionary Company
8. "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" performed by Jim Rolland
9. "I Love The Lord" by Richard Smallwood
10. "Gladly, Lord" by Louis Grams
11. "Hymn of the Word" by Nick Holovaty
12. "The Clear and Present Gospel" by Rus Lyons
13. "Rejoice" by U2
14. "History Maker" by Lindell Cooley
15. "You Will Receive Power" by John Michael Talbot
16. "How Firm a Foundation" performed by the Missionary Company and friends
17. "Let Us Break Bread Together on Our Knees" performed by Joe Carter


  1. PAUL F KANE says:

    I just listened to the whole playlist. What a treat! Thanks for sending it along!

  2. Tom M Caneff says:


  3. claire mysliwiec says:

    I love this playlist! Thanks so much for compiling. It provided great listening as I worked to get ready for vacation and I have continued to listen and be blessed by listening while on vacation! In particular, I am so moved by the words of He Reached Down (and love the twang!) and You Will Receive Power is awesomely upbeat. And what a treasure to have such a beautiful rendition of Gladly Lord!

  4. Mary Radtke says:

    Hey News Blast Team!
    I love the summer playlist and listen to it often....How about a Fall Play list to add some variety? I'm learning a lot of new things, but how to download (or is it upload) music so I can listen is not one of the skills on my current learning agenda.
    Thank you!

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