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Charlie Fraga Elected Overall Coordinator
September 10

Charlie Fraga Elected Overall Coordinator

Charlie Fraga (Vancouver-Portland) will be the next overall coordinator of the People of Praise. He was elected by the community’s board of governors during an assembly that took place September 9-10.

Healing Update: An Adult Tooth for Veronica Linczer

By Chris Meehan

Veronica Linczer

Two years ago, we reported the story of Veronica Linczer, daughter of Ron and Anne Linczer (South Bend), who was born with a cleft palate. When Veronica was three, doctors recommended a surgery to graft bone from her hip into her jaw, so that a permanent tooth would be able to grow at the site of the cleft. After many prayers, however, the cleft closed on its own and a baby tooth emerged, surprising specialists at an Indianapolis children’s hospital and making the surgery unnecessary.

Veronica is now seven, and last February Anne took her to see an orthodontist, her first visit to see him in three years, since before the healing. Anne was excited about the appointment, anticipating that new X-rays would be compared to older X-rays, giving her an opportunity to talk about the healing. Anne says she was “giddy with anticipation.”

She began by telling the doctor all about Veronica’s healing. She says the orthodontist responded reservedly, suspending judgment until after an exam and fresh X-rays. First he examined Veronica’s mouth. He said that he could see a space where a baby tooth had fallen out and he wondered if an adult tooth would be coming in. Then he took X-rays.

When he brought the new X-rays in, the doctor was excited. “He kept saying that it was a miracle,” Anne recalls. “He said that there was a 100% certainty that no tooth would come through a cleft, but he could see an adult tooth coming in where the baby tooth had been.”

The adult tooth had turned sideways, meaning some orthodontic work will be needed in the future.

“It was great to share about a miracle like that in a doctor’s office and to see documentation with X-rays,” Anne says. “I want to give God the glory!”


  1. Whit Au says:

    This is fantastic. Praise God!!

  2. chris urbanski says:

    God is good! Bless His name.
    Chris U

  3. Dorothy Ranaghan` says:

    Yeah, praise God beautiful granddaughter Veronica !

  4. Mae says:

    Great story! Thanks, Anne, and yay Veronica!

  5. Terri Porter says:

    Praise God - He is good!

  6. Julie Walters says:

    YAY! Three Cheers for Our Healing Father. And for Anne and Veronica's stepping up to the doctor to proclaim a healing. Thank you Anne and Veronica for being giddy with delight sharing the miracle with your doctor.
    Cheers and Blessings,
    Julie Walters

  7. Carol Phillips says:

    How uplifting to see our mighty God in action. I could feel Anne's excitement when she shared this miracle with the Dr. Glory to our awesome God.

  8. Maria Elliott says:

    The Father is working, and the doctor testified! I am sure it built up his faith; it has certainly built mine!!
    Praise God for working powerfully in Veronica's life!
    ~Maria in NoVA

  9. Linda coney says:

    What a wonderful confirmation of God's generosity and faithfulness. I can picture Him smiling as you witnessed to the doctor!

  10. Edna Malone says:

    It always amazes me how much our Lord cares for us. Glory!!

  11. Chris Rousselle says:

    Give glory to God!!!

  12. Linda Simpkins says:

    Alleluia! God is great!

  13. Ray G says:

    Praise God!! Now let's pray that the adult tooth straighten out! Come, Lord Jesus.

    Ray G.

  14. Dennis Burke says:

    Veronica, in your smile I see the face of God. Through you he is touching thousands of hearts. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  15. Laurie Magill says:

    Huge "thanks be to God" for this incredible miracle!
    All the Magill's rejoice with your family and beautiful
    Veronica for His wondrous deed!

  16. Pam Seale says:

    What a wonderful story of God's healing and care. Praise the Lord!

  17. Karen Heintzelman says:

    God is great!!!

  18. Cynthia Hagens says:

    God is soooo good!

  19. MARY DUDDY says:

    Anne, That's a beautiful story...and I'm glad you had the courage and excitement to share God's blessing with the doctor ...and what a sweet picture of Veronica.

  20. Paul Putzier says:

    Thank you Father for your loving touch to Veronica. We are an Easter People, with a living and loving Savior.

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