Dan took every opportunity for prayer and fellowship and never wanted to miss any men’s group meetings or headship meetings. He was forever reading and talking about books he’d read: Scripture, science, theology, nature and the saints.


When Joe spoke, his love for Jesus and his family were primary.


I first met my very good friend Abbie Teeter in San Francisco in the early 1970s, when she drove several of us to a weekend retreat of John the Baptist Charismatic Renewal Community. We shared many memorable experiences in those days. The JBCRC Saturday evening prayer meetings were so crowded that some of the people would usually be sitting on the floor, and after the meeting we’d go to someone’s home for Mass, and then stay up talking till the early morning hours.


Beryl Plodowski (South Bend), an energetic and outgoing wife, mother and covenanted sister, has gone ahead of us to meet God face to face. She had lived in Florida since 1985, but the details of her life spanned nations and continents.


Elizabeth Cerrentano, better known to her family and friends as Betty, left us in the Rockford branch on October 16, 2010, at the age of 59. Her death seemed to come far too early, especially for those of us who had known and appreciated Betty's melodious laughter and had seen her unconditional love. If you were the happy recipient of Betty's kind of love, you would have known the wonderful experience of sitting down with her and recounting one of life’s trials, familiar to all, and then you and Betty would have both had a good laugh that lightened your load, every time.


Dick Dudek’s weathered appearance and callused hands made him look gruff, but the twinkle in his eye and the generosity of his spirit would quickly reveal the soft-heartedness of the man. He was a humble and quiet man who never sought power or attention, but he was generous and meticulous in his service to God and to his brothers and sisters in the Buffalo branch of the People of Praise.