The Heintzelman brothers created a remarkably long and complex chain reaction, involving a lego spaceship on a string, dominoes, marbles, trains, a crossbow, a flying hammer, a pinewood derby car and ultimately a cell phone rigged to take a picture of the boys. (


Crying out to the Lord, Patrice realized, “He knew in advance the exact moment when I would need his strong arms to pull me out of the deep waters of my fear and illness. I knew in that moment that I was going to be okay.


Here's part two of our ten tips for being a Zoom Rockstar! 


Do you still miss singing our Easter songs together? If so, check out our latest YouTube playlist… and sing along, if you like. 


Last Saturday, about 85 people in nine different locations and five different time zones, from Hawaii to northern Virginia, came together on a Zoom video call to open the Lord's Day and spend time together.


Now that you've gotten the basics of virtual meetings under your belt, here are a few tips for additional security when using Zoom.